Hawaii Turning Derelict Fishing Nets Into Electricity

A recent CNN news report has highlighted how fishermen in Hawaii are collecting discarded fishing nets and other waste items found in the Pacific as part of the Nets-to-Energy program on Hawaii.

Whale Snag

The nets recovered under the program are taken to Covanta’s waste to energy facility in Honolulu, which processes up to 3000 tons (2700 tonnes) per day on the island of Oahu, generating some 90MW – around 10% of the island’s total requirement.

In 2012 Covanta completed a 900 ton-per-day expansion of existing waste to energy facility, which included the addition of a third combustor unit, turbine/generator and associated air pollution control equipment.

According to the report up to 300,000 marine mammals are killed each year by rogue fishing nets swirling in the ocean.

The full report is below:

Hawaii turns derelict fishing nets into electricity. CNN’s Kyung Lah explains:


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