Highway 130 Speed Limit Changing to Reduce Accidents

Highway 130 from Keaau to Pahoa is one of the more dangerous highways in the State.  I’ve documented many accidents that have happened over the last few years but this is only just a few of them that happen each week.

Senator Ruderman sent a request into the State Department of Transportation asking that one of the sections of the highway have it’s speed reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph and the State responded that they will make the changes and put in an order for the signs to be replaced with lower speed limits from Shower Drive to Ainaloa Drive.

Highway 130 Speed


2 Responses

  1. I’m sure the Mayor and Rudeman will find out real soon just how all of us citizens that live in Puna feel about making the commute to and from Hilo even longer come re-election time! Something that will not enhance our house values for future buyers. .Seems like 100 driveways outweigh the commute time for 20,000+ people that already find the Hilo/Pahoa driving time a pain. Ought to be a sight watching drivers dangerously pass anybody driving so slow on a main highway, the only hightway, into Hilo that we have no choice but to drive on.

    It is already a rare sight to find anyone actually doing 45 mph on the existing section of Highway 130 between Keaau and and the Belt Road. That was another government bad move there as you will get run over doing less that 55 mph on any day. People do vote with their gas pedals whenever speed limits are set too low for common sense driving conditions.

    How about we take a public vote on this and see just what the citizens having to drive Highway 130 think of making the commute from Pahoa back to Hilo even more time consuming? Our elected “representatives” do not seem at all concerned about how the Highway 130 using public views this subject or even the recommendation of the Hawaii State Director of Transportation.

  2. This isn’t going to help anyone! It’s not the speed it’s the intersections
    All the accidents happen at intercections There should be a light on Ainaloa period! How many people gonna die and changing speeds for everyone else but the single crazies that cause accidents doesn’t do anyone good unless your the state trouper wanting more ticket money.

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