Department of Health Clean Air Branch Issues Notices of Violations and Orders Against 5 Local Companies

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Clean Air Branch has issued Notices of Violations and Orders against: Huapala Senior Care, R.H.S. Lee, Inc.; Island Commodities Corporation; Road and Highway Builders, LLC; and Kalealoa Partners, L.P. for air permit and pollution violations. The violations were either self-reported, or discovered during an inspection or records review.

Department of Health

The DOH Clean Air Branch (CAB) protects the people and environment of Hawaii by monitoring air quality and regulating businesses that release pollutants into the air.

CAB reviews and approves air permits, evaluates and enforces state and federal air standards, conducts inspections, and investigates reported incidents related to outdoor air quality.

Through the air permit process, the DOH ensures companies comply with state and federal emission standards to minimize air pollution impacts on the public.

In general, penalties are assessed on violators to remove any economic benefit they may have gained from their noncompliance and put them in a worse situation than those who comply with the law.

All fines are paid into a revolving special fund used to prevent or minimize damage to the environment.

Parties have the right to request a hearing to contest DOH orders.

The following companies were cited:

1. Huapala Senior Care (Huapala), for visible fugitive dust generated without reasonable precautions being taken on February 11, 2012. Huapala is building a care home facility at 2649 Huapala Street, Oahu and a penalty of $2,500 has been paid for the violation

2. R.H.S. Lee, Inc., for failing to conduct a 2001 performance test on their crushing and screening plants. RHS Lee operates a 250 ton per hour Extec impact crushing plant and a 280 ton per hour screening plant at various locations on Oahu.  A penalty of $3,100 has been paid for the violation.

3. Island Commodities Corporation (ICC), for various air permit violations discovered during an annual inspect ion conducted on July 20, 2012. ICC operates a meat rendering plant located at 91-269 Olai Street, Campbell Industrial Park, Oahu.  A penalty of $3,500 has been assessedfor the violations and a consent order is being negotiated.

4. Road and Highway Builders, LLC (RHB), for failing to take reasonable precautions to control fugitive dust from their asphalt plant on June 6, 2012.   RHB operates a 400 ton per hour portable drum mix asphalt plant in Campbell Industrial Park, Oahu.  The violation was discovered by DOH staff during an unrelated surveillance near the facility and a penalty of $4,800 has been paid for the violation.

5. Kalaeloa Partners, L.P. (KP), for exceeding their particulate matter 3-hour rolling average permit limit of 80 pounds per hour. On May 11, 2012, KP conducted their test on the combustion turbine #1 and the particulate matter 3-hour rolling average was 93 pounds per hour.  The exceedence was self-reported and a penalty of $2,900 has been paid for the violation

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