CNN Special – Hawaii Deals with Japan’s Tsunami Debris

Here is the video that aired on CNN – “Hawaii Deals with Japan’s Tsunami Debris


While CNN was setting up shop, HWF and volunteers quickly removed over 200 pounds of marine debris from the coastline with an hour’s effort. And until there is a better solution, HWF and volunteers will continue to pick up the pieces here in Hawaiʻi nei.

FYI another follow-up story that focuses on marine debris problems in general, NOAA’s Nets-to-Energy Program, and recycled “ocean plastic” bottled cleaning products by SF-based company, Method, will air on CNN national and international broadcasting programs in April.

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  1. Aloha Damon, seems that this tory just contradicts your slander piece on rainbow and kamilo pt. IF the hfw is one of the organizations that you and uh claim say is impacted.looks like this would have been the time. Alas no mention about the impact of rainbow. you know why? THere was no impact. aloha. speak truth. it is all here in cyberland.

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