Interview With Bryant Scott Tadeo – One of the Top 20 American Idol Guy Contestants

This morning I had a chance to interview Big Island resident and American Idol Contestant, Bryant Scott Tadeo, over the phone with permission from the folks that are in charge of handling press relations for the show and this is some of what he had to say to me.

Bryant Tadeo AI profile

Q: How’s it going?

A: It’s going great so far I’m really excited to still be in the competition and to be with all this amazing talent.

Q: Are you performing tonight with the men or with the next batch of men?

A: I will be part of the second batch of guys which will happen next week Thursday I believe, I think that’s the 28th of this month and so that’s when it all goes down.

Q: What’s been your most memorable experience so far of this years competition?

A: Wow that’s a tough question… I mean I have so many great memories as far as performing in front of the judges and meeting all the other contestants and bonding and getting close… but honestly the best part of this whole experience has to be getting to know all the other contestants… getting to see the different personalities and meeting so many people from all over the States and different cultures… Regardless of what happens I’m going to leave this experience with new found friends and new found knowledge and that’s the best part is meeting all these new people.

Q:  What is the biggest difference between this year and last year?

A:  This year personally I’m definitely a little more chill and confident for sure, last year I was kind of timid and didn’t know what to expect obviously and just kind of held back… that’s why I wanted to come back this year just so that I could come back and show them that I do have it and have that star power and I’m just a lot more confident and every time I just can’t wait to get up on stage (next week).

Q:  Do you have anything you like to say to folks to here on the Big Island in particular?

A:  I want to say that to everyone back home in Hilo, my friends, my family, and everyone that is watching and staying tuned in and supporting me… I appreciate it, I love you guys and I just hope that I don’t let you down and that your continued support is what is going to carry me through and I just hope I don’t disappoint you folks and I miss everyone.

I’m not gonna post the whole interview, but he spoke about last nights performances by the ladies and how he thinks that they were all really talented but knows there can only be one winner.

Let’s hope he makes it past next week and get ready to vote for a local braddah to become the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

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