Video of Steven Tyler Testifying at the Hawaii Legislature – I’m Against Senate Bill 465

My name is Damon Tucker and I am against Hawaii Senate Bill 465 as it is currently written.

Steven Tyler testifies before the Hawaii State Senate.

Steven Tyler testifies before the Hawaii State Senate.

Steven Tyler and Mick Fleetwood and their attorney lobby Hawaii senate for stronger privacy laws. The Steven Tyler Act would make it a civil tort to “capture or intend to capture, in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person, through any means a visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of another person while that person is engaging in a personal or familial activity with a reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Video courtesy of Hawaii Reporter:


I highly suggest folks read the Hawaii Reporter post on this:

“….Media attorney Jeff Portnoy, who represents several media organizations in Hawaii including Hawaii Reporter, called the bill “a headline grabbing bill that makes lawmakers look silly.”

Portnoy maintained Hawaii already has laws in place to address violations of privacy, trespassing and harassment and said the legislation goes way beyond what is necessary to protect celebrities’ privacy.

“It is like using an atomic weapon to kill an ant,” Portnoy said.

The bill violates the U.S. Constitution, Portnoy said, claiming it will not withstand a court challenge, but he is still concerned about the bill’s impact.

“The idea of pandering to celebrities who spend their lives cultivating publicity should be of significant concern to everyone, because it does not only restrict so call paparazzi but it has impacts far beyond that,” Portnoy said….”

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