Keonopoko Elementary Receives $296,200 Race to the Top Funds

Public Works Administrator Duane Kashiwai has announced that Keonepoko Elementary School has been notified of their award of Miscellaneous Repair and Maintenance for Race to the Top, Zones of School Innovation funds and that work on the projects will begin shortly. The contract for the projects has been awarded to Site Engineering in the amount of $296,200.

Senator Russell Ruderman

Senator Russell Ruderman

Sen. Russell Ruderman said, “Congratulations to Principal Kathleen Romero and Keonopoko Elementary School. Funding for these implementation grants was made available as part of a total of $75 million in support from the state’s successful Race to the Top proposal. The projects supported by this funding will greatly extend school building modernizations and provide expanded and improved educational opportunities. This award will not only fortify our efforts in improving the comfort, safety, and learning environment for all keiki at Keonepoko Elementary School, it will also assist in creating jobs across the state.”

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