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Senator Ruderman’s Legislative Goals for 2013

Aloha! TODAY was the last day of bill introduction here at the Hawaii State Legislature and I’d like to share my goals for the 2013 legislative session, as well as the bill’s I’ve introduced.

Senator Russell Ruderman

Senator Russell Ruderman

I’ll be working hard for you in the State Senate to bring infrastructure dollars to our district, boost rural economic development and assist our small farmers, expand access to higher education opportunities, support sensible, low-cost and low-impact renewable energy development, and protect Hawaii’s precious near-shore coral reefs.  In addition to co-sponsoring many measures from other Senators, I’ve introduced the following bills.


“Fuel tax revenues for private road maintenance” (SB382) would permit the County of Hawai‘i to appropriate a portion of fuel tax revenue funds for the maintenance of subdivision roads that are used by the public. This would benefit everyone using these roads, in particular those who are currently “double-hit” with community association dues in addition to the tax at the pump.

“2013 Capital Improvement Projects.” (SB377) My appropriation wish list for the district includes funding requests for road improvements for Hwy 130, the Puna Community Medical Center, Pohoiki Park Swim Area, albizia control, and a new elementary school for Hawaiian Paradise Park..


“Utility interconnection & grid saturation cap” (SB366) would remove barriers to PV by requiring the utility – not homeowners – to pay for any interconnection study for 10kW or smaller systems to hook up to the grid.

“Virtual net-metering” (SB379) is a proposal to allow renters or property owners to purchase solar electricity at an offsite location and receive credit to their meter and utility bill for the renewable energy produced at the remote location. This would expand access to solar power and extend this opportunity to those who currently can’t take advantage of it.

­ “Solar loan guarantee program & revolving fund” (SB368) would allow homeowners to secure a loan guarantee from the State for loans made for solar energy devices, including PV and solar water heating. This would make solar investments available to lower- and middle- income households, lowering their energy costs.

“Biodiesel-Blended Fuel” (SB372) will require increasing levels of biodiesel in all on-road diesel sold in Hawai’i starting from a B5 blend in 2015 to a B20 blend in 2025. Unlike ethanol, biodiesel is being produced in Hawai’i and these blended rates do not harm engines.

“Repeal of Act 97 – Geothermal Development” (SB371). Act 97 passed in 2012 as a way to fast-track geothermal development in Hawai’i.  It stripped the Counties of land use control and opened all lands in the State to geothermal development. Repealing Act 97 will return control to the county and community, and strengthen home rule.

“Fracking Prohibition” (SB375) would ban any hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Hawai’i until proper oversight and permitting are established. Fracking can inject harmful chemicals into the earth and has been linked to earthquakes, groundwater pollution, and other impacts.


“UH-Hilo Learning Center Needs Assessment” (SB380) would provide a needs assessment conducted by the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management at UHH for a higher education learning center in Puna.  This effort will advance development of agricultural production and processing businesses in the district and support entrepreneurs and new job creation in Puna and Ka`u.

“Charter School Funding” (SB362) would create a uniform formula and parity for funding of charter school facilities. This bill would direct the board of education, DOE and the charter school commission to develop the formula.


“Family Farm Income Tax Break” (SB363) would give an income tax exemption on the first $50,000 in annual income to individuals earning their primary income from farming.

“Legalizing Raw Milk” (SB364) would allow retailers, distributors and producers to sell whole, unpasteurized milk, subject to rules by the Department of Agriculture to protect against food-borne illness.

“Direct Farm to Consumer Food Sales” and “Home-based Food Production and Sales” (SB373 and SB367) would exempt producers of unprocessed Hawai‘i grown agricultural products from Department of Health rules when selling directly to the consumer, and allow home based baking businesses to sell food items directly to consumers provided certain conditions are met.

“Sustainable Living Research” (SB361) is a proposal that would allow innovative practices, designs and technologies for community development, natural resource conservation, soil improvement, building practices, food, timber, water and energy production, material conservation and onsite waste management. These innovations are often pioneered by alternative communities.

“Tax on Seed Exports” (SB365) would eliminate the exemption to the GET tax currently extended to GMO seed export crops grown in Hawai’i and valued at over $225,000,000 of gross income a year.

“Protection of Agriculture Products against Invasive Species” (SB370) requires a permit from the Department of Agriculture to import, introduce, or develop any new species of genetically engineered organism. The department would conduct a public hearing to determine whether to grant a permit.


“Aquarium Fish Collection Ban” (SB374) would prohibit the taking of reef fish for sale for aquarium purposes.


“Public Election Funding Pilot Program; Amendments”(SB381) This bill adjusts Big Island’s public funding pilot project based on voter feedback. It changes the funding formula for County Council races to the average amount of money spent by winning candidates in the last two election cycles across all county district races, resulting in equal funds for all districts.

“Neighbor Island Video Testimony” (SB369) would require both chambers of the legislature to implement rules to permit residents to present testimony through audiovisual technology. This year, a project is being piloted in the Senate Education and Technology Committees.

I encourage you to get involved by following legislation and providing testimony on these and other bills by:

1.     Registering at http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/login/register.aspx

2.     Subscribing to hearing notices you are interested in

3.     Providing testimony

Please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or mail to voice your concerns about District 2 (Puna-Ka’u) and state-wide legislation.


Senator Russell Ruderman


Toll free: (808) 974-4000 ext. 6-6890

(808) 586-6890

State Capitol

415 S Beretania St., Room 217

Honolulu HI 96813

UH Hilo College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean’s List, Fall 2012

The following students in the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo College of Arts and Sciences are recipients of the Fall 2012 Dean’s List:

JoAnn Abiley, Kevin Abuda, Jenna Acia, BJ Isaac Acosta, Jazlyn Afusia, Mason Agor, Jamaica Paz Agustin, Cheyenne-Leigh Ahlo-Kumai, Ariana Aiwohi, Eric Akerman, Alston Albarado, Jenna Almarza, Erica Amundson, Heather Anderson, Kahili Anderson, Mikayla Anima, Anshuka Anshuka, Krista Aoki, Zion Apao, Shanley Apele, Joshua Araki-Kwee, Megan Araujo, Keanu Arke, Shawn Asistin, Kiana Atkinson, Jolie Au, Ingrid Austbo, Sanoe Awai, Jennifer Ayala, Rosanna Badua, Briana Baillie, Kayla Bajo, Michelle Baldwin, Robin Belcher, Peter Bennett, Lars Bergstrom, Francis Biebel, Mark Beau Bigler, Justin Bisel, Kyra Blue, Maile Boggeln, Stephen Bond, Whitney Boteilho, Gayle Bovee, Michael Bradley, Lokelani Brandt, Emily Brinkman, Cory Brown, Leena Brown, Stephen Brown, Timothy Brown, Benjamin Browning, David Buck, Josephine Buck, Sharon Bulaoat, Sarah Burns, Ciara Butts, Brittney Buyuan, Frenita Cabalce, Spencer Cabral, Bronya Cacal, Goody Cacal, Malia Callo, Nicole Calsbeek, Vada Cambio, Taylor Cambra, Megan Caoagdan, Britney Carey, Sheryl Lyn Cariaga, Keane Carlin, Vanessa Carlson, Katherine Carroll, Kenneth Ray Carvalho-Dettloff, Loren Case, Chassi Castro, Christina Cauley, Robby-Sean Cayetano, Jodi Cesolini, Iesha Chai, Andy Chang, Silas Chapman, Matt Chen, Szu-Ying Chen, Kealii Cho, Brandon Chun, Kyle Chun, Sienna Chupek, Jessie Clark, Nathan Clark, Kobie Clarke, Connor Clay, Gregory Cleary, Stephanie Collins, Kayleigh Concepcion, Nicole Conley, Michael Cook, Renee Corpuz, Robin Correa, Elyssa Correia, Allyssa Cortez, Alysha Cosier, Alma Counselman, Heather Craig, Alika Cristobal, Tonya Crockett, Jai Crystal, Dayna Daniel, James Darden, Maxwell Darris, Anthony Daub, Ida David, Daniel Dawson, Meghann Decker, Le’Shell Dela Cruz, Randy Dellinger, Chad DeMattos, Amber Demler, Tyler DeNardo, Marley Depew, Dustin DePonte, Theodore DeRego, Angelina Diep, Robert Dobroff, Noah Dolim, Ryan Domingo, Tiare Doria, Pedro Dos Santos, Mike Dowsett, Allen Drescher, James Drescher, Kaylie Drew, Melanie Dudley, Xietan Dutro, Louise Economy, Anders Edvardsen, Cara Edwards, Judy Edwards, Rachel Edwards, Tifeni Elvenia, Brianna Enriquez-Cabalis, Jamilia Epping, Tiffany Epping, Kourtnie Erece-Kunewa, Megan Escalona, Junior Eseroma, Richard Esterle, Melanie Fermin, Erik Ferreira, Chelsea Field, Amanda Fogler, Simote Foliaki, Joseph Fontana, Lauren Fracasso, Cory French, Joshua Fuentes, Samantha Fuhrmann-Blyth, Kana Fujihira, Kaitlyn Fujii, Shaylyn Fujii, Kendra Fujioka, Ashley Fukuchi, Christopher Fukumoto, Denarose Fukushima, Dennis Fukushima, Tyson Fukuyama, Megan Funck, Naomi Gagabi, Sharolyn Galamay, Heather Gallahorn, Brian Galvez, Jeremy Ganir, Grace Garberson, Carmen Garcia Perez, Todd Gardner, Joshua Gastilo, Stephanie Gayle, Rebecca Geerken, David Gentry, Ine Gjellebaek, Kristen Gomes, Joseph Gomez, Richard Gomez, Sarah Goo, Makalele Gorsich, Roger Govendo, Stephanie Goya, Kirsten Grasmick, Rachel Greenbach, Emily Greene, Anniina Gregg, Alexander Guerrero, Julian Hachmeister, Justin Haggard, Ivana Hall, Kayla Hamel, Michelle Hamm, Soyoung Han, Christopher Hardy, Margaret Harris, Amy Harrison, Courtney Harrison, Ganga Harrison, Vrindavan Harrison, Rachel Hazeltine, Alexander Heaukulani, Tazialynn Hegarty, Ryan Henderson, Karl Hennen, Randi Henriques, Hannah Henry, Sophia Hernz, Vegar Herstrom, Dawn Hess, Casey Hewett, Yoshie Hinata, Iris Hirayama, Tyler Hirokawa, Kevin Hobbs, Lucas Hodges, Nicolaus Hoggan, Blake Honda, Tanya Hooper, Rya Horne, Asia Howe, Shayna Hu, Molly Huff, Ashley Hughes, Tysen Hunt, Briana Hurley, Kai Igarashi, Kadi Igawa, Allena Ikehara, Kayla Ing, Carrie Ip, Mikiko Ishii, Aimehio Iyeke, Kodep Iyong, Jessica Jacobs, Kainani James, Nicole Jardine, Daniel Jennings-Kam, Annalise John, Jason Johnson, Liv Johnson, Casey Jones, Morrisa Kahakui, Shaylyn Kahawai, Pele Kaio, Ayaka Kajiura, Rory Kakuda, Ashlee Kalauli, Amanda Kaleo, Kalyn Kanaeholo, Halena Kapuni-Reynolds, Alyssa Kartheiser, Jonathan Kataoka, Nicholas Keeler, Elizabeth Kekauoha, Esther Kekauoha, George Kekauoha, Sarah Kekauoha, Benjamin Kelly, Gabrielle Kemp, Jessica Kennedy, Sean Kenny, Hyeyeon Kim, Mirae Kim, Peter Kim, Ashlen Kinilau, Gavin Kinoshita, Ku’upuamae’ole Kiyuna, Dania-Maria Klink, Christopher Kluzak, Laura Knight, Kelsey Kobzi, Evelina Kocharov, Leina Konashi, Devin Konkler, Chelsea Kruse, Ryan Kuamo’o, Johann Kuipers, Lauren Kunishige, Luke Kupcha, Michael Kuznetsov, Shuk Ping Kwok, Joshua La Pinta, Sophia Laderman, Brittney Lane, Eivind Larsen, Anjulie Larson, Naomi Lawrence, Tynan Lazarus, Jennifer LeFevre, Harrison Leite, Samelda Leon, Cara Leonard, Angelica Lepe, Sungjae Lim, Sean Lindsey, Hannah Lipman, Sarah Lips, Danalynne Llacuna, Kaysha Llanes-Kelekolio, Hannah Lockwood, Hannah Loo, Kawehi Lopez, Christina Love, Alyssa Loving, Marissa Loving, Zorba Lozano, Daniel Lucas, Blaine Luiz, Lora Lum, Kristy Lungo, Sean Luscombe, Deanna Rae Macapulay, Alayna Machacek, Kelsea Machida, Alohilani Maiava, Ian Makida, Gareth Makino, Kate Malasig, Alexandra Marin, Amy Markel, Matthew Martinez, Tatiana Martinez, Leif Marz, Sarah Marzan, Kristi Masuhara, Amber Masulit, Shelby Matsumoto, Mathew Mauldin, Joseph Maxwell, Normandy McConaughey, Olivia McDaniel, Jameia McDuffie, Kevin McKay, Ashley McKinney, Tia Medeiros, Wendy Mefeae, Margaux Mellott, Darshe Mendoza, Samantha Mendoza, Mary Metchnek, Garrett Micheels, Bryce Miles-Leighton, Colin Milovsoroff, Lilia Misheva, Kelly Miyamoto, Sandy Miyasato, Erin Miyashiro, Norman Mogote, Tyrus Moises, Cristin Moore, Emily Moore, Erika Morihiro, Brenan Moriwaki, Candice Moses, Michael Moses, Nolita Motu, Lauryn Mow, Tynnetta Muhammad, Darcy Mulligan, Katherine Mulliken, Koran Munafo, Jessica Muniz, Andrew Musick, Kiel Myers, Jessica Nabers, Ashlee Naehu, Kenneth Nagata, Kip Nagata, Sui Nagata, Andrew Nagel, Joshua Nagle, Courtney Nakahara, Kodie Nakamura, Richard Nakamura, Ryan Nakamura, Dee Ann Nakasue, Grant Nakaya, Jordan Namauu, Kirstie Naone, Allyssa Nau, Sandra May Navalta, Eden Nguyentan, Jaysen Niedermeyer, Anela Nishimoto, Chloe Nishioka, Keenan Nishioka, Amirhossein Norouzshad, Joyce Norris-Taylor, Rachel Notturno, Robert Ochmann, Steven Ogi, Ji Eun Oh, Crysta Okabe, Michelle Okamoto, Zechary Okamoto, Amanda Orcutt, Christopher Orcutt, Chelsa Ota-Van Scyoc, Aimee Lynn Pacheco, Samantha Palmer, Sun Young Park, Kelia Parrilla, Mariah Partida, Brennen Pasco, Pua’ala Pascua, Kristine Pasek, Daniel Paul, Kara Paulachak, Casey Pearring, Kristin Pedersen, Brandon Perea, Margaret Peterson, Shelley Phu, Andi Pickens, Tori Pickens, Bryce Pierson, Hye Piper, Robert Pipes, Arwen Potochney, Natalie Poy, Zachary Pratt, Shaina Procopio, Dannielle Putney, Nathaniel Quan, Vernon Quiocho, Christopher Ramos, Justin Ramos, Micah Rhobelyn Ramos, Chaynee Rapoza, Sossity Rapoza, Blake Rasmussen, Travis Reardon, Stacey Reed, John Reilly, Charlotte Rich, Chelsey Rickert, Kanani Rivera, Keely Rivera, Kapuaonaona Roback, Laura Robinson, Adan Rodrigues, Koa Rodrigues, Destiny Rodriguez, Saul Rollason, Gerry Romero, Kainoa Rosa, Makoa Rosa, Kevin Rose, Kimberlee Roseman, Andrew Ross, Malaika Ross, Kyle Royce, Kristen Rugg, Laak Russell, Ardena Saarinen, Michael Sado, Julie Anne Sagabaen, Alyssa Marie Salmo, Nalei Sampson, Gabriella Sanchez, Megan Santos, Teresinha Santos Da Costa, Alyssa Sato, Zutchill Sato, Catherine Saunders, Andrea Savage, Neil Scheibelhut, Nadia Schlosser, Sabrina Schultz, Stephanie Schultz, Anna Scott, Sheldon Seigafo, Konami Sekita, Kanoa Severson, Kadian Shaw, Samantha Shaw, Laura Sherwood, Sydney Shiigi, Desiree Shortt, Sarah Silva, Tyler Simao, Wanes Wallace Simina, Taylor Smashey, Akuila Aliil Smau, Casey-Lynn Smith, Patricia Snel, Joseph-Daniel Soares, Carrie Soo Hoo, Maria Sore, Megan Souza, Ryder Souza, Tiare Speetjens, Brittany Spencer, Alexander Stanley, Emmaleah Stauber, Amber Sterner, James Stilley, Andrea Stroescu, Anne Cecilia Elisabeth Stromhielm, Torri Suda, Rachel Sugiyama, Jeremy Suguitan, Ashley Suh, Paige Sumida, Alanna Sutton, Marya Szaur, Ricky William Tabandera, Monica Tabora, Dillon Tacdol, Cameron Takamura, John James Taman, Chelsea Tamashiro, Keisan Tamura, Aisha Tanaka, Dylan Tanaka, Shelby Tanaka, Jaime-Rose Tangonan, Cullen Tanoue, Reuben Tate, Larissa Tawata, Lindsay Terkelsen, Ashley Terrell, Rachel Terry, Aijah Thompson, Rachel Thompson, Kristina Tietjen, Sasha Tokuda, Charles Tolentino, Venus Tolentino, Taylor Tomita, Ashley Chanel Tomori, Chelsie Toyomura, William Toyozaki, Alexandra Treul, Kyle Tsubota, Jennifer Tsue, Peter Tuck, Kathleen Turner, Daniel Twardowski, Kayla Uehara, Wesley Ulloa, Brandi U’u, Salina Vai, Faith Faalua Vaifanua, Presthan Valdez, Keith Valentis, Mark Vancamp, Susan Vehe, Alexandra Ventresca, Peter Veseskis, Virgilio Viernes, Conan-Cordero Vierra, Joseph Vinarcsik, Jacob Vinluan, Sheryl Visitacion, Christopher Vizzone, Kyle Von Lanken, Tianna Waipa, SarahAmber Wakana, Emily Wallingford, Laurence Walsh, Donald Waner, Kezhu Wang, James Ward, Jennifer Wass, Erik Watanabe, Robyn Weeks, A’ja Werner, Andrew Wessels, Mariah Wharton, Bobby White, Stephanie Whitehall, Alexandra Williams, Gwendolyn Williams, Kellie Wilson, Leah Wilson, Tava Wilson, Whitney Wilson, Jonathan Wong, Joshua Wong, Justin Wood, Chelsie Wung, Christopher Yakym, Nicholas Yamauchi, Jenna Yanos, Justin Yeh, Christopher Yoakum, Katrina Yogi, Nicole Yoneishi, Marissa Yoshida, Tristan Yoshida, Lynn Young, and Jacqueline Yuw.

Big Island Police Identify One of the Bodies Found Off Stainback Highway

Police have identified the set of remains that were found on January 18 off Stainback Highway in Hilo.

Shayne Yoshi Kalani Kobayashi

Shayne Yoshi Kalani Kobayashi

Shayne Yoshi Kalani Kobayashi, 38, was identified through dental records.

Detectives from the Area I Criminal Investigations Section continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Kobayashi’s death.

Investigators believe foul play is involved and are awaiting additional pathology and toxicology findings to determine the exact cause of death.

Police are also working with an anthropologist from the Joint POW Accounting Command/Central Identification Laboratory from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam on Oahu to perform additional examinations.

Police ask that anyone with information on this case call Detective Todd Pataray at 961-2382 or email him at tpataray@co.hawaii.hi.us.

Tipsters who prefer to remain anonymous may call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 in Hilo or 329-8181 in Kona and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. Crime Stoppers is a volunteer program run by ordinary citizens who want to keep their community safe. Crime Stoppers doesn’t record calls or subscribe to caller ID. All Crime Stoppers information is kept confidential.

County of Hawai’i’s Strong Bond Rating Affirmed

Fitch Ratings on Wednesday affirmed the County of Hawai’i’s strong bond rating, citing the county’s sound financial management and conservative budgeting as grounds to maintain the county’s “AA-” classification.  Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s Rating Services also affirmed the County’s ratings.

Fitch Ratings“This rating review by nationally recognized experts is a testament to our careful, conservative approach to balancing the budget in very challenging economic times,” said Mayor Billy Kenoi. “This demonstrates that we have taken a responsible approach to cutting costs and controlling spending, and I am very pleased that these agencies recognize the hard work by all of our employees. I want to thank all those who worked so hard to keep our county on sound financial footing.”

The ratings reviews were prompted by county plans to issue $97.52 million in bonds on Jan. 29, including $47.52 million that will be used to refinance existing debt to take advantage of today’s exceptionally low interest rates.



DOE Announces New Evaluation and Support System for School Principals

All Hawaii public school principals will receive enhanced supports and evaluations beginning in the 2013-14 school year under an agreement between the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) and the Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA) on a new Comprehensive Evaluation System for School Administrators (CESSA).
DOE Release

CESSA implementation began with 81 schools in August 2012 as principals and their supervisors, the Complex Area Superintendents (CASs), jointly set goals for the year. As we worked through the implementation, and as part of our shared commitment to continuously improve and to provide supports aligned with the CESSA, it made sense to expand the implementation to all schools. Additionally, feedback from school principals was also taken into account.

Implementation will continue in all schools this school year with training for all principals and CASs. Feedback from the first year of implementation will be used to refine the system in 2014-2015.

“Effective school leadership is critical to student achievement,” said DOE Deputy Superintendent Ronn Nozoe. “The Department is committed to ensuring principals, teachers and schools have the support they need to reach their goals.”

Each principal will receive a rating based half on Student Outcomes (Domain 1) and half on Principal Leadership Practice (Domains 2-6). The five different leadership and performance domains include:

· Professional growth and learning
· School planning and progress
· School culture
· Professional qualities and instructional leadership
· Stakeholder support and engagement
CESSA is tied to a system of support based on short- and long-range goals for principals’ professional improvement efforts.

“This was truly a collaborative effort by HGEA and DOE teams with a goal towards raising the bar in school leadership,” stated Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi.

This agreement between HGEA and DOE aligns with the Hawaii State Board of Education policy 2055 on teacher and principal performance evaluation. The DOE is currently in the second year of a seven-year strategic plan that calls for preparing graduates for college or careers. Effective school leadership is fundamental to the success of this strategic plan. The DOE and HGEA will continue to work together to provide school principals with guidelines, training and support in advance of successful implementation next school year.

For more information, please visit http://hawaiidoe.org.


Department of Health Clean Air Branch Issues Notices of Violations and Orders Against 16 Companies for Air Permit and Pollution Violations

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Clean Air Branch (CAB) has issued Notices of Violations and Orders against 16 companies for air permit and pollution violations. The companies were cited between April and November 2012 for violations that occurred between March 2011 and May 2012. The violations were either self-reported or discovered during an inspection or records review by the DOH. A total of $79,700 in penalties was imposed. To date, $63,700 in fines has been paid, with the balance of penalties under negotiation or pending payment.

Department of Health

The DOH Clean Air Branch (CAB) protects the people and environment of Hawaii by monitoring air quality and regulating businesses that release pollutants into the air. The CAB reviews and approves air permits, evaluates and enforces state and federal air standards, conducts inspections, and investigates reported incidents related to outdoor air quality. Through the air permit process, the DOH ensures companies comply with state and federal emission standards to minimize air pollution impacts on the public.

Many of the companies cited have already paid monetary fines for their violations, and several companies are currently negotiating a consent order for their fine. In general, penalties are assessed on violators to remove any economic benefit they may have gained from their noncompliance and put them in a worse situation than those who comply with the law. All fines are paid into a revolving special fund used to prevent or minimize damage to the environment. Parties have the right to request a hearing to contest DOH orders.

The following companies were cited:

• Up to Date Cleaners Kauai, Inc. located in Koloa, Kauai, for operating a dry cleaning machine without a valid air permit. The violation was discovered during a DOH inspection and a penalty of $3,900 has been paid.

• Tesoro Hawaii Corporation located in Campbell Industrial Park, Oahu, for failing to conduct a 2011 relative accuracy test audit on the cogeneration unit gas turbine nitrogen oxides continuous emissions monitoring system. Tesoro is a crude oil distillation facility with a capacity of 95,000 barrels per day. The violation was discovered during a DOH records review and a penalty of $2,200 has been paid.

• Edwin Deluz Trucking and Gravel, LLC, for failing to conduct the 2010 annual performance tests on its diesel engine generator and on its 750 TPH stone quarrying plant located at the Kapoaula Quarry, Hamakua, Island of Hawaii. The violations were discovered during a DOH annual inspection and a penalty of $8,000 was assessed. A consent order for $5,000 is being drafted for the fine after additional information was given to the DOH regarding the violations.

• Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. (HELCO), for exceeding the ammonia 3-hour average emission limit in March 2011 on combustion turbine generator unit CT-4. Also, combustion turbine generator units CT-4 and CT-5 exceeded its visible emission limits in April and November 2011. HELCO is an electric utility and the violations were self-reported. A penalty of $25,600 has been paid for the violations and a consent order is being drafted for an additional fine of $8,000.

• Grace Pacific Corporation, for failing an October 2011 particulate matter performance test on its 186 TPH asphalt plant located at Eleele, Kauai. The violation was self-reported and a penalty of $4,000 was paid.

• Koga Engineering & Construction, Inc., for failing to submit the January to June 2011 semi-annual report within 60 days after the end of the semi-annual calendar period. The report was submitted 142 days late. Koga operates a 400 TPH powerscreen on the island of Hawaii. A penalty of $2,400 has been paid.

• American Hauling, LLC, for various air permit violations discovered during an annual DOH inspection. American Hauling operates a crushing and screening plant in Waialua, Oahu. A penalty of $7,000 has been assessed for the violations and a partial payment of $3,500 has been received. A consent order is being drafted for additional violations.

• Michael Lurvey dba Carbon Diversion, Inc., for various air permit violations discovered during an annual DOH inspection. The company operates a 1,500-pound flash carbonization reactor in the Campbell Industrial Park on Oahu. A penalty of $3,400 has been paid.

• Garden Island Mortuary, Ltd., for submitting its semi-annual monitoring reports late. The mortuary operates two 100-pound/hour crematory units in Lawai, Kauai. The violation was discovered during a DOH inspection. A penalty of $1,700 has been paid.

• Hawaii Pacific Health, Wilcox Memorial Hospital, for exceeding its 12-month limit of diesel fuel oil consumption. The violation was discovered during a DOH inspection of the hospital’s diesel engine, boilers and pathological waste incinerator. The hospital is located in Lihue, Kauai, and a penalty of $1,200 has been paid.

• ShredCo, LLC, for submitting its semi-annual monitoring reports late. ShredCo operates a tub grinder and power screen in Kaumualii, Kauai, and paid a penalty of $1,500.

• Twin Bridge Farms LLC, for open burning of cardboard in Waialua, Oahu. The fire was investigated by the Honolulu Fire Department on Feb. 21, 2012, and the company has paid a penalty of $2,300.

• Aloha Petroleum, Ltd., for late submittal of a source performance test report. Aloha Petroleum operates a gasoline terminal in Honolulu, Oahu, and the violation was discovered during a DOH records review. A penalty of $2,100 has been paid.

• Ameron Hawaii, for not conducting monthly visible emissions observations on various baghouses at Kapaa Quarry, Oahu. The violations were discovered during an annual DOH inspection of the facility, and a penalty of $5,200 has been paid for the violations.

• Halo Halo, Hawaii, LLC dba Al Phillips Dry Cleaners, for various air permit violations on its petroleum dry cleaning facility located in Kailua, Oahu. A penalty of $7,100 has been assessed for the violations and a partial payment of $2,600 has been received. A payment plan has been negotiated for remaining penalty amount.

• Tradewinds Forest Products, LLC, for late submittal of various reports required by its air permit. The company has a boiler and veneer dryer in Ookala, Island of Hawaii, and a penalty of $1,600 has been paid for the violations.

Police Identify Victims of Yesterday’s Two-Vehicle Crash that Killed 5 People

Police have identified three of the victims of a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday that killed five people on Highway 11 near Pāhala.

Picture from KITV's Facebook page

Picture from KITV’s Facebook page

The driver of the sedan was identified as 73-year-old Donald Ingoglia of Sacramento, California. An autopsy conducted Thursday (January 24) indicated that he suffered a medical condition, which apparently caused him to lose control of the car and cross the centerline.

The car crashed head-on into a 2002 Ford pickup truck, which overturned and caught fire.

Also riding in the sedan were the driver’s son, 39-year-old Philip A. Ingoglia of Costa Rica, and the passenger’s son, 9-year-old Isidora I. Ingoglia of Costa Rica.

A man and woman in the truck died at the scene, as did a Donald and Philip Ingoglia. The boy was taken to Kaʻū Hospital and then flown to Kona Community Hospital, where he later died.

Police still have not made positive identification of the occupants of the truck.

UPDATE: The West Hawaii Today reported the identification of the other two as:

“…Richard Taylor and his girlfriend Trini Ballesteros, of Naalehu…”

Highway 130 Wreck #2

This was the second car I saw in the Highway 130 wreck today.

It looked like this accident was caused by the previous accident.

Highway 130 Wreck

So this is the first wreck I drove by around 10:00 today on Highway 130.

The red car  is just a police car that arrived on the scene afterwards.  In the next post… you will see a wreck that was just about 5 cars down from this one.