I’m Home and My Modem is Fried

I made it home last night after a fifteen hour travel day!

Today in certain parts of East Hawaii we had a weird power outage where we were only getting about 10% of power coming to at least my house and a few others.

The lights would only flicker when you would turn them on and things like the light in the refrigerator were very dim.

When power was finally restored nearly three hours later… The Modem that keeps me connected to the net was obviously fried.

Oceanic isn’t open till Monday so this will be my last post to my site for a few days as I hate pecking away on my phone.

On a bright note… I finally had to go to the airport to see if my luggage had made it from Los Angeles after a 5 hour delay because of mechanical issues and a transfer to another plane… and thankfully my luggage was there!