North Peck Bridge to Close on Certain Days for Repairs

Repairs to North Peck Bridge, the first bridge on Peck Rd in Mountain View are scheduled to begin the week of November 26 with completion the week of December 24.

Site Engineering was awarded the contract for $32,000.

During the week of December 3-12, the bridge will close on certain days, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. weather permitting to replace the wooden planks.

The date will be posted in advance of the bridge closure on an electronic message board at the entrance to Peck Rd on Hwy 11.  This is to provide motorists the opportunity to prepare for the alternate route to Hwy 11 via Ihope to North Kulani Rd. 

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  1. So what does that come to? Over $1000 a board, and a full day to remove and replace each board. Lucky they’re not house builders, because at that rate a 1000 sq ft house would take them 100 years to build. And cost $5 million.

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