Wordless Wednesday – Coast Guard Flying Around Kapoho on the Big Island

Earlier today I saw a Coast Guard helicopter flying around the Kapoho area of the Big Island.  I’ve tried to contact the Coast Guard to see what it was about but I just received an answering machine.

Here is a picture I took from my iPhone.  You can just barely make out the helicopter:

Anyone know what was going on?

3 Responses

  1. It flew over the ocean along the coast in HPP yesterday morning, and again today. It closely followed the shoreline, but flew a little higher up and faster than a rescue chopper looking for an individual in the water.

  2. Is the Coast Guard helicopter the reddish-orange one? That one and another were buzzing quite low over Pahoa today. So loud my students ran to the door to see them. Looked like they went up and down the bypass a couple of times. Whenever the copters fly like that I assume it’s a fugitive or pot they’re looking for. Let us know what you find out.

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