Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise Makes Care Packages for Folks Deployed to Afghanistan

Once again the Kona community has showed their love and support of our men and women deployed in Afghanistan. This time we were requested by the commanding officers over on Oahu to adopt the 25th Aviation Brigade. This younger (in age) Brigade has many unmarried men and women serving who would not be expecting a holiday care package.

Photo credit Bev Fraser, Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise

The Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise couldn’t let that happen! Out in front of Wal-Mart for 2 weekends we gathered items that the Kona community graciously was willing to shop for. Then in addition to donating money which was used for shipping many hand wrote thank you notes.

On Nov 10th we packed 100 individual boxes, 40 women and 60 men for the Soldiers plus 10 more for the mess area to share. Those boxes contained: a shirt, underwear, socks, DVD, CD, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, eye drops, lotion, sunscreen, body powder, drink mix, candy, cookies, pens, gum, feminine hygiene products (only for the girls), Ramin, games, razors.

This project never could have happened without the wonderful people of Kona who took the time to shop and share Aloha with a Soldier. We are deeply grateful this Veteran’s Day and know that the Soldiers will be touched when those boxes arrive in Afghanistan.

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