Mitch Roth Wins Hawaii County Prosecutors Race

According my calculations…. Mitch Roth has won the race for Hawaii Count Prosecutor Race:

Congrats to Greggor Ilagon and Mahalo Fred Blas

Well it looks like we will now have the youngest Hawaii County Council Candidate in history serving our Hawaii County Council in new “Councilman Greggor Ilagon”.

Greggor Ilagan

I look forward to working with Councilman Ilagon in the future and I want to say mahalo to current Councilman Fred Blas for his hard work that he has done while he has been in office.

Councilman Greggor… get ready for me to be on your ass bro! ;)

Mayor Kenoi Will Hold Office

After enough analysis of tonight’s race… I will say that Mayor Kenoi will hold office.

Deputy Mayor Iizuka presents a message of aloha to Mayor Kenoi on behalf of Mayor Sadaji Akutsu of Shibukawa.

Congratulations to both Mayor Kenoi and Former Mayor Harry Kim for really running pretty clean campaigns and really not beefing.

Normally we see a lot of smear tactics amongst constituents of candidates and this year we didn’t see that.

Mahalo to Mayor Kenoi and Harry Kim for running a campaign free of smearing each other.

Hawaii County Election Results – First Read Out

Printed on: 11/06/2012 at 08:32:29 pm
Hawaii General 2012 – State of Hawaii – Hawaii County
November 6, 2012
**NUMBER 2**
Page 1
President and Vice President
28 of 43
(D) OBAMA, Barack / BIDEN, Joe 37,196 75.4%
(R) ROMNEY, Mitt / RYAN, Paul 10,721 21.7%
(L) JOHNSON, Gary / GRAY, James P. 550 1.1%
(G) STEIN, Jill / HONKALA, Cheri 549 1.1%
Blank Votes: 278
Over Votes: 19 0.0%
US Senator
28 of 43
(D) HIRONO, Mazie 34,226 69.4%
(R) LINGLE, Linda 14,356 29.1%
Blank Votes: 717
Over Votes: 14 0.0%
US Representative, Dist 2
28 of 43
(D) GABBARD, Tulsi 39,120 79.3%
(R) CROWLEY, Kawika 8,182 16.6%
Blank Votes: 1,979
Over Votes: 32 0.1%
State Senator, Dist 2
7 of 9
(D) RUDERMAN, Russell E. 9,083 72.1%
(R) SMITH, Daryl Lee 2,635 20.9%
Blank Votes: 875
Over Votes: 9 0.1%
State Senator, Dist 3
7 of 12
(D) GREEN, Josh 8,126 75.9%
(R) LAFRANCE, Jeff R. 2,095 19.6%
Blank Votes: 486
Over Votes: 3 0.0%
State Senator, Dist 4
5 of 13
(D) SOLOMON, Malama 5,627 62.3%
(G) GREENWELL, Kelly 2,668 29.5%
Blank Votes: 740
Over Votes: 1 0.0%
State Representative, Dist 3
5 of 7
(D) ONISHI, Richard H.K. 4,114 57.4%
(R) HAPAI, Marlene (Nachbar) 2,196 30.6%
(L) FOGEL, Frederick F. 588 8.2%
Blank Votes: 261
Over Votes: 10 0.1%
State Representative, Dist 5
7 of 8
(D) COFFMAN, Denny 4,801 64.4%
(R) BATEMAN, Dave 2,176 29.2%
Blank Votes: 477
Over Votes: 6 0.1%
State Representative, Dist 6
0 of 5
(D) LOWEN, Nicole 2,512 62.7%
(R) EBERT, Roy 1,253 31.3%
Blank Votes: 243
Over Votes: 0 0.0%
Hawaii Resident Trustee
28 of 43
LINDSEY, Robert K. 20,859 42.3%
MEYERS, William (Willy) 6,680 13.5%
MIRANDA, Edwin L.P. 4,780 9.7%
Blank Votes: 16,977
Over Votes: 17 0.0%
Kauai Resident Trustee
28 of 43
AHUNA, Dan 6,948 14.1%
PACHECO, Haunani 3,143 6.4%
KAGAWA FU, Kanani 2,539 5.1%
BURKE, Jackie Kahookele 2,332 4.7%
YADAO, Leland K. (Radar) 2,233 4.5%
POMROY, Sharon A. 1,988 4.0%
SWAIN, Billy Kealamaikahiki 1,700 3.4%
SANTOS, D. Kaliko 1,112 2.3%
ALBAO, Liberta Hussey 921 1.9%
SAHUT, Ronson K. 197 0.4%
Blank Votes: 25,566
Over Votes: 38 0.1%
Molokai Resident Trustee
28 of 43
MACHADO, Colette (Piipii) 21,742 44.1%
Blank Votes: 27,571
Over Votes: 0 0.0%
“At Large” Trustee
28 of 43
APOLIONA, Haunani 12,265 24.9%
LEE, Cal 5,169 10.5%
RITTE, Walter 4,448 9.0%
AKINA, Keli’i 3,599 7.3%
MAKEKAU, Kealii J. 2,154 4.4%
LINCOLN, Lancelot Haili 2,033 4.1%
Blank Votes: 19,611
Over Votes: 34 0.1%
OHA Vacancy: Maui
28 of 43
LINDSEY, Carmen Hulu 9,147 18.5%
KANE, Dain Pomaika’i 3,658 7.4%
KAPU, Ke’eaumoku 3,330 6.8%
GOMES, Doreen Pua 3,183 6.5%
AU, Glenn G. 2,027 4.1%
DUEY, Rose 1,738 3.5%
AMORIN, Johanna Kuulei Shin 1,157 2.3%
Blank Votes: 25,056
Over Votes: 17 0.0%
Mayor, County of Hawaii
28 of 43
KENOI, Billy 24,157 49.0%
KIM, Harry 24,038 48.7%
Blank Votes: 1,103
Over Votes: 15 0.0%
Prosecuting Attorney, County of Hawaii
28 of 43
ASHIDA, Lincoln 22,871 46.4%
ROTH, Mitch 21,637 43.9%
Blank Votes: 4,793
Over Votes: 12 0.0%
Councilmember, Dist 1
5 of 8
POINDEXTER, Valerie 2,908 56.5%
YAGONG, Chelsea 1,834 35.6%
Blank Votes: 404
Over Votes: 0 0.0%
Councilmember, Dist 4
3 of 3
ILAGAN, Greggor 3,795 59.1%
BLAS, Fred 2,376 37.0%
Blank Votes: 247
Over Votes: 2 0.0%
Councilmember, Dist 6
7 of 8
FORD, Brenda 2,892 48.5%
DAVID, Maile (Medeiros) 2,735 45.8%
Blank Votes: 338
Over Votes: 2 0.0%
Councilmember, Dist 9
0 of 3
WILLE, Margaret 1,641 47.0%
SHIMAOKA, Oliver (Sonny) 1,513 43.3%
Blank Votes: 337
Over Votes: 0 0.0%
CON AMEND: Relating to Dams and
Reservoirs 28 of 43
YES 23,477 47.6%
NO 20,344 41.3%
Blank Votes: 5,468
Over Votes: 24 0.0%
CON AMEND: Relating to Retired Judges
28 of 43
YES 25,533 51.8%
NO 18,604 37.7%
Blank Votes: 5,159
Over Votes: 17 0.0%
1. HAWAI’I: Records and Meetings Open to
the Public 28 of 43
YES 30,727 62.3%
NO 12,209 24.8%
Blank Votes: 6,346
Over Votes: 31 0.1%
2. HAWAI’I: Public Access, Open Space,
and Natural Resources Preservation Fund 28 of 43
YES 26,608 54.0%
NO 16,738 33.9%
Blank Votes: 5,937
Over Votes: 30 0.1%
3. HAWAI’I: Public Access, Open Space,
and Natural Resources Preservation 28 of 43
YES 27,270 55.3%
NO 15,838 32.1%
Blank Votes: 6,182
Over Votes: 23 0.0%
4. HAWAI’I: Establishing Special Funds
28 of 43
YES 11,540 23.4%
NO 32,087 65.1%
Blank Votes: 5,654
Over Votes: 32 0.1%
5. HAWAI’I: Eligibility for Redistricting
Commissioners to be Candidates for County 28 of 43
YES 31,448 63.8%
NO 10,697 21.7%
Blank Votes: 7,137
Over Votes: 31 0.1%
6. HAWAI’I: Establishing a Game
Management Advisory Commission 28 of 43
YES 28,567 57.9%
NO 15,567 31.6%
Blank Votes: 5,151
Over Votes: 28 0.1%
Printed on: 11/06/2012 at 08:32:29 pm
Hawaii General 2012 – State of Hawaii – Hawaii County
November 6, 2012
**NUMBER 2**
Page 2
TOTAL TURNOUT 49,313 47.3%

Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations Club Starts Construction

Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV) announced the start of construction of its newest resort, Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations Club, an upscale urban timeshare resort in world-famous Waikiki.  Coinciding with the start of the extensive renovation project was the official launch of sales for the resort, which is the company’s seventh timeshare resort in Hawaii.  The property is located at the site of the former OHANA® Islander Waikiki Hotel and was acquired from Outrigger Enterprises Group by HGV in May 2011. The resort is anticipated to open in late 2013.

Artists Rendition

Leading architectural firm Group 70 International of Honolulu has been commissioned to design the fourteen-story resort, which balances Hawaiian aesthetic with modern elements. Los Angeles-based studio Indidesign will oversee the interior design and Hensel Phelps has been selected as Construction Manager.

Hokulani Waikiki will be comprised of 143 one-bedroom suites with elegant and personalized touches, which include a living room, boutique kitchen and spacious bathrooms. Both interior and exterior designs will utilize natural elements and tones to showcase Hawaii’s unique cultural heritage and lush environment. Mahina, the spacious open air lobby, will provide a relaxing arrival experience as well as a personalized area to enjoy throughout the stay. Guests and owners will also have access to Nalani, an exclusive rooftop deck with a pool lounge, bar, private cabanas and dynamic views of Waikiki.

According to Bryan Klum, executive vice president of Hilton Grand Vacations-Asia/Pacific, Hokulani Waikiki was created with the sophisticated and active traveler in mind.

“We will deliver a guest experience that is contemporary, vibrant and fun,” Klum said. “We have incorporated a number of features and design elements that will distinctively set Hokulani Waikiki apart from other timeshare resorts in Hawaii. It will be the perfect choice for the traveler who wants to be in the center of Waikiki and is looking for an exciting, action-packed vacation. Hokulani Waikiki will be a great complement to our timeshare properties at the nearby Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.”

All conceptual images. Features and amenities subject to change.

The suites at Hokulani Waikiki have been superbly designed with surprising features and a decor approach that interprets Hawaiian motifs in a modern way, Klum said. “We think it will appeal equally to our domestic and international customers, especially those with urban sensibilities and appreciation for quality.”

Hokulani Waikiki is located at 2181 Kalakaua Avenue, adjacent to Lewers Street, which will provide guests with immediate access to premier shopping, dining and entertainment selections in the exciting Waikiki Beach Walk entertainment district.

Klum added that Hokulani Waikiki is further proof of the growing popularity of HGV’s timeshare offerings in Hawaii. It is also an opportunity to tap into the demand and awareness created by the Waikiki Beach Walk. “We are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful working relationship with Outrigger Enterprises Group, and together we are committed to providing owners and guests with an opportunity to discover the wonders that can be found in Waikiki and throughout the island of Oahu,” he said.

“It’s a real pleasure to welcome Hilton Grand Vacations into our expanding ohana at Waikiki Beach Walk,” said Barbara Campbell, vice president of retail development and leasing for Outrigger Enterprises Group. “With a diverse array of dining and shopping opportunities, guests staying at Hokulani Waikiki will be able to experience firsthand our warm island hospitality and a genuine spirit of aloha.”

A blessing ceremony will be held later this month to signal the start of the renovations. Attendees will include company VIPs and other dignitaries.

Upon its completion, Hokulani Waikiki by Hilton Grand Vacations Club will join award-winning properties at Oahu’s Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort and Waikoloa Beach Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Hawaii Residents – Check Your Safeway Carrots (Recall in Effect)

November 1, 2012 – Bolthouse Farms is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of Bolthouse Farms® 16-ounce Carrot Chips following a routine sampling event, conducted on October 22, 2012, by a North Carolina health official.

Bakersfield, California-based Bolthouse Farms voluntarily recalled about 5,600 cases of 1-pound bags of carrot chips after a test in North Carolina indicated the possibility of salmonella contamination.

The company was notified on October 31, 2012 that the inspection detected the possibility of Salmonella in the single16-ounce bag that was tested. Bolthouse Farms has not received any reports of consumer illness or other consumer complaints related to this product.

Out of an abundance of caution, Bolthouse Farms is retrieving the Carrot Chips from the marketplace.

No other Bolthouse Farms products are affected by this recall.

Approximately 5,600 cases of the 16-ounce bags shipped to retail customers in the United States and Canada are being recalled. The affected product is labeled as Bolthouse Farms Carrot Chips, Safeway Farms Carrot Chips, or Farm Stand Carrot Chips and has the following information and codes on the front right corner of the bags:

Bolthouse Farms Bolthouse Farms Safeway Farms* Farm Stand
NOV 12 2012
BF 212 J11
UPC 71464 17209
NOV 13 2012
BF 212 J 12
UPC 71464 17209
NOV 13 2012
06 T XXXX S2682
BF 212 J12 286
UPC 21130 70217
NOV 12-13 2012
BF 212 J11-12
UPC 41163 45311

*Safeway Farms Carrot Chips are sold in Safeway stores in Ketchikan, Alaska; Arizona; California; Hawaii; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; New Mexico; Oregon; and Washington State, as well as Carrs stores in Juneau, Alaska; Pak ‘N Save stores in California; Randalls stores in Texas and Tom Thumb stores in Texas.

Consumers who have purchased these Carrot Chips with these codes and best by dates should not eat the product. Consumers are encouraged to return the product to the store where they purchased it for an exchange or full refund. Consumers also can contact Bolthouse Farms at 1-866-535-3774 (24-hours a day through Monday, November 5, 2012) for more information.

Salmonella is an organism that can cause a foodborne illness. Symptoms of infection include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps 12 to 72 hours after infection. The illness usually lasts four to seven days, and most persons recover without treatment.

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