Harry Kim on Last Week’s Tsunami Warning: Escape Routes in Puna “…I am satisfied with what is there”

Harry Kim just posted the following on his facebook page following his silence about the the whole situation:


To those who have asked for comments on the last tsunami incident: I have not said anything, and will not comment because I believe that would be inappropriate and non-productive for me to say anything at this time. Any comments would be based on what has appeared in the media, not knowing the specifics of the situation, and would be just Monday night quarterbacking. I do hope that the authorities from the state to the county will review the entire event. I hope you understand that any comment by me would not in any way be productive in the only important mission at this time, and that is to make things better.

To Bill Daly – On your specific question on escape routes in lower Puna during tsunami incidents, I am satisfied with what is there. The major issue for residents is to be very familiar with their routes, and even practice evacuation. The available routes to safety are a short distance in all areas of Puna, and what is important that the residents be familiar with what is closest to them.

Aloha, Harry

Winners Announced of the 7th Annual Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival

Winners of the 7th Annual Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival were announced Saturday night to an enthusiastic crowd at Waikoloa Bowl in Queens’ Gardens.  Awards were presented to Makua Solo, Wahine Solo and Wahine Hālau, after three nights of competition in ancient Kahiko and modern ‘Auana divisions.  (Kupuna Hālau and Solo winners were announced on Friday).

Sig Zane, Mary Jane Kamoku, Nalani Kanakaole and Kumu Alberta Nicolas

The top-scoring Wahine Hālau was Hui Hula Naleikalākupua (1,102 points) from Japan, under the direction of Kumu Hula Yukiko Hanayama.  In second place was Hawai‘i Island’s own Beamer-Solomon Hālau O Po‘ohala (1,089 points), Kumu Hula Hulali Solomon Covington.  Covington’s niece, Leiomalama Solomon, won the Wahine Solo title; she performed “Kimo Hula,” composed by her great-great-grandmother Helen Desha Beamer, for the ‘auana selection.

Hulali Solomon Covington, Leiomalama Solomon, Nalani Kanakaole and Kuhao Zane

Fourteen hālau—seven from Japan, six from Hawaii and one from Mexico—competed in the three-night event, which also featured Hawaiian cultural workshops and Made-in-Hawai‘i Marketplace during the day at Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa.

Kuhao Zane. Sig Zane, Kumu Yukiko Hanayama and Nalani Kanakaole

WINNERS 7th Annual Moku O Keawe International Hula Festival:

  • 2nd Place Makua Solo Hula: Kyushu Hawaiian Association Kamalu Lani, 490 points, Kumu Hula: Keiko Ito Soloist: Sanami Hayashi
  • 1st Place Makua Solo Hula: Hula Hālau Kahula O Hawai‘i, 545 points, Kumu Hula: Kyoko Kubokawa, Soloist: Miyuki Iota
  • 3rd Place Wahine Hula: Kyushu Hawaiian Association Kamalu Lani, 1,084 points, Kumu Hula: Keiko Ito
  • 2nd Place Wahine Hula: Beamer-Solomon Hālau O Po‘ohala, 1,089 points, Kumu Hula: Hulali Solomon Covington
  • 1st Place Wahine Hula: Hui Hula Naleikalākupua, 1,102 points, Kumu Hula: Yukiko Hanayama
  • 3rd Place Solo Hula: Koga Mamina Hula Studio, 1,009 points, Kumu Hula: Mamina Koga, Soloist: Hiromi Sato
  • 2nd Place Solo Hula: Hula Hālau Kahula O Hawai‘i, 1,018 points, Kumu Hula: Kyoko Kubokawa, Soloist: Megumi Toyosawa
  • 1st Place Solo Hula: Beamer-Solomon Hālau O Po‘ohala 1,086 points, Kumu Hula: Hulali Solomon Covington, Soloist: Leiomalama Solomon
  • 3rd Place Kūpuna Hula: Hui Hula Naleikalakupua, 598 points, Kumu Hula: Yukiko Hanayama
  • 2nd Place Kūpuna Hula: Hula Hālau Plumeria Kamalu Lani, 618 points, Kumu Hula: Harumi Soejima
  • 1st Place Kūpuna Hula: Hālau I Ka Wekiu, 634 points, Kumu Hula: Karl Veto Baker and Michael Casupang

The Moku O Keawe International Festival is sponsored by the Moku O Keawe Foundation, a private nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing, enriching and educating the practice and development of hula and its associated arts.  Sponsors include Waikoloa Beach Resort, the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority/County of Hawai‘i CPEP Program and others.  For information and tickets to events, visit www.MOKIF.com/updates.

Hawaii County Elections Update


104,323 Hawaii County residents are registered to vote in the 2012 General Election. This is the official voter registration count for the 2012 General Election and is not subject to change for this election.


As of November 3rd, Hawaii County has received 20,019 voted absentee mail ballots.  Voters are reminded that the deadline to submit an absentee mail ballot for the General Election is 6:00 p.m. on November 6, 2012.  Voters are further reminded that absentee mail ballots may be submitted for the General Election by: (1) hand delivering their ballot to the Hawaii County Elections Division office in Hilo, (2) hand delivering their ballot to any precinct on Election Day, November 6, 2012, no later than 6:00 p.m.


Absentee/early walk-in voting ended on November 3, 2012.  As of November 3rd, 9,502 Hawaii County voters voted absentee/early walk-in voting in Hawaii County.

For more information please contact Lehua Iopa, Acting Elections Program Administrator, Hawaii County Elections Division (808) 961-8277 or by electronic mail to eiopa@co.hawaii.hi.us.


Historic and Dramatic Video of Kilauea Erupting in 1959

I just noticed this YouTube clip someone posted earlier today of Kilauea Erupting in 1959.

It was uploaded by YouTube user Drakemirow so excuse the rather bizarre soundtrack that accompanies the video:

3.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Volcano Area of the Big Island


Magnitude 3.2
Location 19.385°N, 155.246°W
Depth 3.3 km (2.1 miles)
  • 7 km (5 miles) S (189°) from Volcano, HI
  • 16 km (10 miles) SW (231°) from Fern Forest, HI
  • 19 km (12 miles) SW (230°) from Eden Roc, HI
  • 39 km (24 miles) SSW (205°) from Hilo, HI
  • 344 km (214 miles) SE (128°) from Honolulu, HI
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 0.3 km (0.2 miles); depth +/- 0.4 km (0.2 miles)
Parameters Nph= 34, Dmin=1 km, Rmss=0.11 sec, Gp= 47°,
M-type=duration magnitude (Md), Version=2
Event ID hv60426701