Pahoa Facilities Get Fenced In

The Pahoa Senior Center which was the former fire station here in Pahoa, had been having a problem with homeless people sleeping at the facilities during the evenings and the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility (Pahoa Community Center) has long been a problem for the parks workers.

Last week fencing went up around the facilities:

The new gate to the Pahoa Senior Center

A lot of fencing was used in this project as it looked like they tried to encircle the entire park.

This fencing will really assist in keeping the troubled elements out of the community center at night.

County Parks Maintenance worker Alfred Pestrello mentioned how the folks that work at the park, take great pride in the park and that this will really make there job easier.

County worker Alfred Pestrello puts on some finishing touches to the fencing as a security guard looks over the facilities.

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