Update on the Hawaii County Elections – Absentee Ballots Being Counted


104,323 Hawaii County residents are registered to vote in the 2012 General Election. This is the official voter registration count for the 2012 General Election and is not subject to change for this election.


On October 15th 22,200 absentee mail ballots were sent to Hawaii County voters. Between October 15th and October 24th roughly 460 new requests for absentee mail ballots were received by Hawaii County.  The new requests are processed and absentee mail ballots are sent to Hawaii County voters on a daily basis.

As of October 24th, Hawaii County has received 8,341 voted absentee mail ballots.


On October 23rd, Hawaii County opened absentee/early walk-in voting precincts in Hilo, Waimea and in Kona.  Absentee/early walk-in voting is open to all registered voters at any early walk-in voting precinct on the island, regardless of district or residency assignment.  Absentee/early walk-in voting will continue until November 3, 2012.

As of October 24th, 1,703 Hawaii County voters have voted absentee/early walk-in voting in Hawaii County.

According to Lehua Iopa, Hawaii County Acting Elections Program Administrator, “We want to thank all Hawaii County residents who have registered to vote and who are voting in the General Election.  Absentee voting by mail and by early walk-in voting is going smoothly.  We encourage all Hawaii County voters to consider all of their voting choices and to vote by mail, walk-in early voting at any precinct location on the island in Hilo, Waimea and in Kona, or on Election Day, November 6, 2012 at their designated polling place.”

For more information please contact Lehua Iopa, Acting Elections Program Administrator, Hawaii County Elections Division (808) 961-8277 or by electronic mail to eiopa@co.hawaii.hi.us.

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