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Big Island Police Identify Second Man Killed In Sunday’s Tragic Wreck

Big Island police have identified the second man who died Sunday (October 21) from injuries he received after being involved in a two-vehicle crash on Hawaiʻi Belt Road (Route 19) in the area of the 8-mile marker north of Hilo as 65-year-old Frank Rosol of a Hakalau address.

Responding to a 7:19 p.m. call, traffic investigators determined that Rosol was operating a 1999 Chevrolet pick-up truck and traveling north on Route 19 on the Hanawi Bridge when he apparently crossed the centerline and collided with a 2005 Cadillac Escalade multi-purpose vehicle traveling south and being operated by 61-year-old Miles T. Nakanishi of Hilo.

Both drivers were dead at the scene.

3 Responses

  1. Great, now a name for this no-mad scrub transplant here without any connection to its people or land to ruin it for our beautiful island children. Figure it out or get the f out…

    • Please remember this man (Mr. Rosol) also has a family, regardless of where he was originally from. Have some compassion for both families and their loss. He was not out to “ruin your beautiful island children or land” as you state.

    • What kind of twisted mind would think that anyone would plan such a tragedy? Two lives were lost in a horrific accident. My condolences to all families and friends affected by this terrible event. We should reflect that tomorrow is promised to no one, and pray that these men have found a paradise that is not marred by prejudice and malicious intent toward others.

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