Intersection Conversion at Ohuohu and East Puainako

Roadwork to change the Ohuohu Street and East Puainako Street intersection to an all way stop is near completion.  The conversion could happen Wednesday, October 17, weather permitting.

Ohuohu and E. Puainako Intersection

Once the change is made, motorists approaching this intersection will be required to stop.

Stop signs will be installed on E Puainako and turn lanes removed.

Whichever vehicle comes to the intersection first has the right of way.  If vehicles approach the intersection at the same time, right of way is to the vehicle on the right.

This message is brought to you with the support of the Traffic Education Safety Program, County of Hawaii, Department of Public Works.

Special off duty police officers will be directing traffic as traffic patterns will be temporarily altered during the work hours of 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

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