The Puna Culinary Festival and The Taste of Pahoa

The Puna Culinary Festival is coming soon.  Held November 3rd-11th, the festival is funded by the County of Hawai’i and the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, and stewarded by Kalani Oceanside Retreat.

Pahoa Town

The festival has a farm-to-fork theme, and will be held at locations throughout Puna including Pahoa Town, the Kalapana Night Market, Kalani Oceanside Retreat, and several local farms which focus on sustainable practices and/or permaculture.

Like the recent successful Puna Music Festival, the Puna Culinary Festival is completely non-profit, and focused on empowering Puna through culture and celebration.

Taste of Pahoa

Catherine May and Drew Delaware have both participated in Pahoa Mainstreet meetings, and became aware of Pahoa’s desire to bring more people to mainstreet Pahoa through a street festival.  At the July 24th Pahoa Mainstreet meeting, there was enthusiastic support from members present for getting the community involved with a Pahoa event during the Puna Culinary Festival.

And so, the Taste of Pahoa is born and scheduled to be a feature event of the festival on the evening of Friday, November 9th.

They are keeping it simple for everyone to participate, so that they can engage the Pahoa business community as completely as possible.  You don’t have to be a restaurant to be a part of Taste of Pahoa.  All businesses are welcome to participate.

For more information contact Donald at, restaurants and business interested in participating can contact .

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