KFC Pahoa CLOSED – Franchise Shuts Down Operation

The KFC in Pahoa has been shut down by the company.

An empty parking lot was often the scene and now it’s a regular scene

No official word has come out from the folks at KFC however a note on the door stated the following:

“Bussiness” or Business?

A quick look at the KFC Hawaii website and it still lists Pahoa as being a store that is open for business.  No releases have been made about it closing.

From the KFC Hawaii website

With Malama Market selling Huli Huli chicken for less then half what KFC sold the chicken for… it’s no wonder the place closed down.  I always thought the place was overpriced and it seemed like the only specials they had on buckets of chicken were strictly on legs and thighs!

So what do you think should fill location of this closed down business?

9 Responses

  1. more places like this need to close!

  2. so sorry for the loss of local jobs but it seemed inevitable, from the lack of business there…

    • It seemed like there customer service was not very good and they continuously were out of certain things, i.e. chicken….Not that I went there a lot, but I heard from friends, family and others…

  3. Maybe this is a temporary closure for cleaning and inventory. I hope they stay open. It’s nice to have them out in Pahoa.

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