Veteran and Military Appreciation Day and Job Fair at the Kona Farm Fair

Veterans and military personnel with proper identification cards will have free gate admission to the Kona Farm Fair on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The Kona Farm Fair has designated this day as Veteran and Military Appreciation Day.

There will be a one of a kind job fair for veterans, active duty military members, guard and reserve members, and military spouses, with representatives from state and federal agencies and veteran service organizations on hand to provide information on programs and services.

The Honoka’a High School Jazz band will kick off events at the Old Kona Airport Pavilion at 12 noon followed by an appreciation program from 1 to 2 p.m. and the job fair from 2 to 6 p.m.

The veteran and military job fair is hosted by the US Department of Labor and the West Hawai’i Veterans Cemetery Development and Expansion Association.

For more information, contact Representative Cindy Evans at 974-4000 ext. 6-8510#


Home at Last No-Kill Animal Refuge Needs New Home

HOME AT LAST, Inc. (HAL) is a NO-KILL Animal Refuge that was established 4 years ago and is presently located in Waimea.  It is a 501©3 Non-Profit organization.  HAL is set up to care for dogs, cats and horses that have been abused or neglected either through willful intent or through ignorance, irresponsibility or lack of education.  HAL NO-KILL Animal Refuge allows these animals to live out their lives without fear and with dignity security and love.

Many people are unaware that close to 1000 animals are being killed each month on the Big Island simply because there is no place to care for them.  We have a feral cat population that must be brought under control as well as a growing feral dog population.  On an island that has so many hard to reach areas, there are dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, exotic birds and other species that are eternally chained or caged – sometimes remembered with food occasionally tossed at them – sometimes starved to death.  Some never feel the warmth of a loving hand.  Many animals are being abandoned by their owners who feel they need to give them up because they are facing financial problems.  They do not take them to the local pound for fear of their being put down.

The statistics are tragic and shameful.  Human beings are the stewards of the aina and it is up to us to address this problem and to find a solution. We already have many dogs and cats that have been saved from an unnecessary death, but the number that has been rescued is so small when you think of the many that are in need.

HAL IS URGENTLY SEEKING AN AG-ZONED LAND DONATION anywhere in the northern part of the Big Island from Pau’uilo to Kohala.  It is extremely important to establish a NO-KILL facility for these innocent creatures that have no way of controlling their reproduction and no way of caring for themselves if they are abandoned, abused, neglected, starving, sick or just in need of tender pat on their heads.

Samantha A. Cristos is the President and Founding Director of Home At Last NO-KILL Animal Refuge.  You may have seen her down at the Waimea Transfer Station in her small pickup accepting donations of HI-5 plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans.  After her three years stationed at the dump, she relocated her donation site to the entrance of NAPA.  You’ve probably seen her in a large, very purple pick-up truck.  Anyone can come to NAPA on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 3pm to personally deliver their donations.  There are also barrels right beside entrance by the bushes where donations can be left at any time.  Other items which are accepted as donations and generate funds are used cell phones and empty printer ink cartridges.

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