Volcano Art Center Gets Elemental

Earth, water, fire, air. The natural elements are such a commonplace theme used in art, literature and especially music from the 70’s that we often overlook how they influence our daily lives.

Enter The Elemental: Setting Forth Various Elements Through Transfigurement Into Shining, a group exhibition presented at Volcano Art Center’s Rainforest Gallery at Niaulani beginning Saturday, September 29, 2012. A closing reception is scheduled for Thursday, October 25 from 4:00 to 6:00pm.


Tim Freeman, He ipu hō’ihi Pele #22

Instead of depicting the elements through representational or impressionistic means, works of clay, wood, metal and canvas aim to celebrate the basic dimensions of nature in a more immediate, tangible way.


Clayton Amemiya, Pi’ihonua, III

This unique collection features the work of artists Clayton Amemiya, Henry Bianchini, Kevin Diminyatz, Stephen Freedman, Tim Freeman, Stephen Lang, Chiu Leong, Monika Mann, Michael Marshall, William McKnight, Elizabeth Miller, Jerilee Negrillo, Alan Ohara, Susumu Sakaguchi, Randy Shiroma, Randy Takaki, Kaori Ukaji and Glenn Yamanoha.


Randy Shiroma, Navel of the Earth

The Elemental will be on display Saturday, September 29 until Saturday, October 27, showing Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at VAC’s Rainforest Gallery at Niaulani, 19-4074 Old Volcano Road in Volcano Village. For showings outside of gallery hours, please call for an appointment at (808) 967-8222. For additional exhibit information, please visit www.volcanoartcenter.org or email info@volcanoartcenter.org.

The art show is exhibited in conjunction with a philosophy conference on the topic of “The Elemental” hosted by the Philosophy Department of the University of Hawaii at Hilo to be held September 27-29 in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. For questions related to the conference, please contact Tim Freeman at (808) 345-5231 or freeman@hawaii.edu.


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