“Hollywood Comes to Hilo” Draws in Big Island Film Lovers

Yesterday at the Hilo Palace Theater more then 100 folks turned out to participate in a seminar involving some of Hollywood’s most prolific cinematographers.

The Big Island Film Office and the folks at the Hilo Palace Theater were the sponsors of the event although much of the event seemed to be promoting Canon’s new film making cameras that they are developing.

Cinematographer Ron Garcia was the first to speak and talked about his experiences in Hollywood and most recently with the Hawaii 5-0 series.  One of things he emphasized was that cinematographers need to take chances.

John Mason, Bob Primes, Wally Pfister, Ron Garcia and Cannon Representatives.

Wally Pfister then spoke about his career and how he got into film making and working on movies such as the Batman series.  He also spoke briefly about the loss of Heath Ledger and how that has effected him personally when watching other things that he think Heath could have played the part.

Bob Primes talked about a test that he and others developed to test out 12 of the cameras that were the “Best in the Field” back in 2010 and then showed the results of the test.

A friend that attended said “the Masters Class was a behind the scenes look into the minds and working of the cinematographers, their trials and their creative spirit…I would have liked more tips and tricks, and less accolades of I did this and that…which is great! but you see what I mean right? most of us guys were hoping for more education on a basic level (BUT from the point of view of the masters).

Denyse Woo said “It was a great experience. I got to hang out with these AMAZING and Talented Men, what an honor!”

An old projector in the Hilo Palace Theater lobby.

At the end of the seminar, tickets to the Hilo Palace Theater were given away via lucky numbers as well as a pass to the 8th Annual Big Island Film Festival, a signed Hawaii 5-0 Poster and an original script from Hawaii 5-0 signed by the stars of the show.

Ron Garcia, Ula Anderson and John Mason.  Una won the Hawaii 5-0 script

Don’t forget that the Big Island Film Festival is coming up in May and they are currently accepting submissions for films.

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