Poll: Lincoln Ashida vs. Mitch Roth – Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney

Now that the primary elections are over and no candidate for Prosecuting Attorney received more then 50% of the votes… we are left with two candidates to choose from for the 2012 Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney race.

Who will you vote for Hawaii County Prosecutor in the 2012 General Elections?

Mitch Roth and Lincoln Ashida share a table at the recent Pahoa “Rock the Vote” event.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m sure Ashida’s a good guy, but his “just lock up more people” approach to justice is decades out of date, and as Corporation Counsel he’s repeatedly come across as helping keep his cronies from getting into trouble for their shenanigans. Roth, on the other hand, is emphasizing social programs to actually reduce/prevent crime in the first place, which is a much more progressive stance. He’s got my vote.

  2. Mitch Roth has always helped our high school. When I needed judges for the Senior Debate, I called the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and I was always referred to Mitch Roth. Apparently, Mitch Roth is one who cares for the youth, even when he is not running for political office. Mr. Roth also sponsored the “Shattered Dreams” program at our high school. On the other hand, Mr. Ashida has never extended himself in the community to help the public, outside of his campaign. Perhaps, his children do not attend the public schools, and he is more active with the private schools. Furthermore, judging from the political signage and ads, Mr. Ashida has a far bigger campaign war chest, while Mr. Roth depends on a grassroots, word of mouth campaign. It is true, however, that Mr. Roth does not capitalize on the blunders or faults of his opponent, which I feel is to his credit. I vote for Mitch Roth.

  3. I am going to vote for Mr. Roth, on the basis of his track record—his having already worked effectively for the Prosecutor’s Office for a number of years. Results. A man with integrity from what I’ve heard of those in the “system” and others who have known him.

    And, I just met him, here at Starbucks! Labor Day. Evening. Fate.

    I just got done telling him he should “attack” his opponent’s “track record as Corporation Counsel.” I alluded to several of Ashida’s “very questionable calls,” while acting as Hawaii’ county’s attorney—providing legal advice. I specifically mentioned the “Carvalho-Police Department Promotion Scandal” lawsuit that Ashida called for “no settlement.”

    Results? The “good guys” (the plaintiffs/honest police officers) ended up with a windfall—many times what they *would* have settled for Ashida had not insisted “no settlement.” Egg on his face.

    This Mitch Roth guy? He seemed totally uninterested in my point about Lincoln Ashida, possibly, being incompetent. Personally, I think blunders that cost the taxpayers *hundreds of thousands* of dollars are significant. Mitch clearly was not interested in using Mr. Ashida’s mistakes, as Corporation Counsel, to “campaign against him.”

    I thought about it. No, I’ve not seen or heard any negative ads in Mitch Roth’s campaign. Come to think of it. Just as I’ve heard. He’s one of those. A nice guy. And, a man of his word. Positive. Focused.

    Oh, and did I mention experienced?


    Brian J. Ansorge

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