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Massachusetts Has the Highest Percent of People With Health Insurance in America – Hawaii Next in Line

*8/30/12 UPDATE* The Massachusetts data was not identified yesterday in the screen grab from the graph that I took.  Looking at the site again today… it looks like Massachusetts now has the highest percentage of people with health insurance.  Thanks to Dave Smith for double checking the data.

Health Insurance in America has been a crisis situation for many folks.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau data collected in the 2010 Decennial Census, more people in Hawaii have some form of health insurance then any other State in America:

My personal guess, is that this doesn’t reflect the amount of folks that are on Government funded health insurance here in Hawaii.


4 Responses

  1. Damon, for a “Department of Commerce worker,” you didn’t look very closely at the table. Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of uninsured residents at 5.2%.

    • The Massachusetts data was not in there yesterday or the data was updated since I actually did a screen grab from their site of the graph.

      Thanks for looking into this further… I’m not sure why the Massachusetts data wasn’t in there in the first place.

      • If you look at the scrollbar in your original screenshot, which is sorted by percentage of insured in descending order, you’ll see it’s not quite at the top, so the Massachusetts entry was cut off.

        • I don’t think that is the case. I wasn’t using the scroll-bar at the time… I simply clicked on the column to let the data pull itself up on it’s own. No worries one way or the other.

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