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Five Reasons Why USC May Lose to the University of Hawaii in the Season Opener This Weekend

Many folks have ruled out the fact that UH could actually beat #1 ranked USC this weekend.

Here are my top 5 reasons why UH could beat USC this weekend:

  • #5 University of Hawaii is named after a warrior and not a condom
  • #4 USC Players will be too busy looking to get “leid” by UH fans traveling to California.
  • #3 Vili the Warrior Mascot won’t be around to embarrass the team
  • #2 Colt Brennan or his girlfriend won’t be driving the team bus
  • #1 Stevie Wonder has committed to play a concert at Stan Sheriff if University of Hawaii wins.

2 Responses

  1. Colt Brennan can’t crash the bus since he was arrested for DUI and methamphetamine possession, so no worries there bruddah’!

  2. Bottom line is Chow and Kiffin do not care for each other from years ago when the two worked together when Chow was the Offensive Coordinator while Kiffin was the Quarterback Coach at the same time at SC.

    Chow will get a warm reception from the SC fans at the LA Collessium for his developing two past Heisman winners.

    But, SC has a lot of talent at every position plus the next number#1 pick in the NFL draft QB Matt Barkley and will try to win by a large margin to increase their computerized ranking.

    The line was SC by 38 10 days ago, 39 and a half on Wednesday, and will probably increase even more this week.

    Kiffin has too much talent while Chow is in first year trying to put a team together. Hopefully none of our boys get hurt because the last time we played them we lost key players to injuries.

    SC has world class athletes that will be taking the field.

    I hope Hawaii can stay in the game and be respectable.

    If you are a smart betting man (or woman) load up your bet on SC, they will probably cover this spread by halftime.

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