Mahalo to the Community – Highway 130 Looks Good!

Community members came out today in force to volunteer their time to help clean up Highway 130 today in Puna here on the Big Island.

The group “Men of Pa’a” actually cleans a section of Highway 130 regularly and have officially adopted a section of the highway.

The Men of Pa’a is organized by “Bruddah Kuz” here in Puna and they do a lot of good work with the limited budget that they do have.

The Men of Pa’a

I lost count of how many “Adopt-a-Highway” bags that were filled with trash along the highway but I would say I must have seen at least over 300-500 bags of trash.

There were at least three police cars that assisted in keeping the volunteers safe so I’m glad that the county pitched in on this project.

Of course it wouldn’t be a community event w/out political candidates getting involved as I saw County Council Candidate Greggor Illagan rounding up his troops and getting involved in the clean up.

County Council Candidate Greggor Illagan getting his hands dirty

I’d like to thank all those that did come out… it really does make a difference in our community.

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