ALOHA Motor Company Hydrogen Fuel Cell Scooter

Hawaii based ALOHA Motor Company will be launching this August 2012 the world’s first commercial launch of a complete off-grid solar hydrogen fueling and motor scooter at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit in Honolulu.

Guy Toyama rides a hydrogen fuel scooter

This video show generally how easy it is to replace the fuel cartridges and recharge them.


The cartridges store hydrogen at low pressure in metal hydride storage systems and 2 cartridges take the scooter 90km (50miles) and can climb up to 12° in slope. The scooter has a fuel cell that produces up at 2kW peak and 1.2kW nominal power for normal transportation use. Because there is an inverter and outlet, the fuel cell in the scooter also serves as a mobile power generator and may be used for a scooter to home or scooter to grid application.

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