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Celebrity Chef Roy Yamaguchi to Demo New Hawaiian Kampachi Farm to Table Dish

Celebrity chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and featured talent at the upcoming Hawaiian Food & Wine Festival, Roy Yamaguchi, will demonstrate a new recipe of the sustainable, locally grown Hawaiian Kampachi at the Foodland Farms in Aina Haina, Saturday, August 25 at noon.

Roy Yamguchi

As part of the local ‘farm to table’ sustainable sourcing and cooking practices which will be highlighted at the Festival, this kickoff event gives attendees the chance to talk to a Hawaiian Kampachi representative about how the premium fish is grown in the offshore waters of Kona as well as learn a new preparation for the fish from Chef Roy.

Chef Roy has created the new recipe, Hawaiian Kampachi Tataki, featuring locally sourced ingredients, to prepare at the Foodland Farms event. It features seared Hawaiian Kampachi with inamona on a bed of Kahuku Sea Asparagus and Big Isle Hearts of Palm with other local greens, dressed with Hawaiian Chili Pepper water, fresh Lilikoi juice and Hawaiian vanilla bean among other seasonings. (Recipe below)

“Hawaiian Kampachi is the ultimate in delicious, sustainable and versatile fish and nothing compares to it. It has a silky texture and rich flavor, which makes it so amazing to prepare. It always makes a wonderful meal however you use it,” said Chef Roy. Chef Roy will be at the September 6-9 Hawaiian Food & Wine Festival and is well known in Hawaii for his Roy’s Restaurants as well as his six seasons of the PBS TV show ‘Hawaii Cooks with Roy Yamaguchi’ and his cookbooks.

“We are very pleased that Chef Roy has selected Hawaiian Kampachi for his ‘farm to table’ demonstration on Saturday,” said Todd Madsen, president, Blue Ocean Mariculture (www.bofish.com), the producer of the fish. “Chef Roy has been a great fan of Hawaiian Kampachi, and his recipes and preparations show off the wonderful qualities of this premium fish. And with the fish grown in the clear waters off the Kona coast, it is sustainably raised and very local.”

The demonstration event will take place at Foodland Farms Aina Haina, 820 West Hind Drive, Honolulu, at noon on Saturday, August 25.

At the Hawaiian Food & Wine Festival, Hawaiian Kampachi will be featured in six delectable dishes created by top chefs from around the country and the world, including a preparation by Chef Alan Wong for the $1000 a plate seven-course meal at the Second Annual Halekulani Master Chefs Gala Series: Chefs Who Have Cooked for Presidents and Royalty. He will prepare a dish featuring Hawaiian Kampachi, ahi and chiso vinegar.

Hawaiian Kampachi Tataki, from Chef Roy Yamaguchi
Kampachi Tataki:
8 oz. of Kampachi filet (skin off and pin bones removed)
1 1/2 Tbs of Inamona (kukui nut) (chopped)
1 Tbs of hawaiian salt
1 oz. of Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water
3 oz. of Rice Wine Vinegar
3 oz. of Fresh Lilikoi Juice (requires 2-3 Lilikoi)
1 Hawaiian Vanilla Bean, seeded (See directions below)
1 oz. of Young ginger root, fine julienned (*See Note)
1 Tbs of Yuzu juice
2 Tbs of Vegatable Oil
2 oz. of Kahuku Sea Asparagus
2 oz. of Big Isle Hearts of palm bottom julienne (*See Note)
1/2 oz. of Hawaiian Ogo (sea weed)
1/2 oz. of Local Cilantro leaves
1 oz. Mao Farms Tatsoi (spinach)
4 Ho Farm Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half)

To Prepare the fish:
Season the fish evenly on all sides with Hawaiian salt and inamona. Next, sear quickly on all sides in a hot non-stick pan until the outside is cooked but a majority of the fish is still rare in the center. Chill the fish until completely cold then tightly wrap in plastic until just before serving.

To make the dressing:
Cut the Lilikoi in half and remove all of the flesh using a spoon. Place the lilikoi in a fine strainer over a bowl. Using a spatula, smash the lilikoi to extract the juice, then discard the seeds left in the strainer.Take the vanilla bean and cut it length wise. Using the back of a knife or a spoon, scrape the inside to get all the seeds, reserve the seeds and discard the outer shell.
Next, in a mixing bowl combine the Hawaiian chili pepper water, rice wine vinegar, lilikoi juice, vanilla bean seeds, Fine julienned ginger, and Yuzu juice.
Lastly, slowly add the Vegetable oil and whisk constantly until blended together.

To Prepare the Salad:
First, clean the Sea asparagus, tatsoi and cilantro by rinsing under cold water, then pat with a dry towl and set aside.
Next, slice cherry tomatoes in half. In order to prevent any wilting, reserve all ingredients separately.

To Assemble:
First, remove the plastic from the fish and slice across width-wise into 1/4 inch thick slices.
Next, place the sea asparagus, julienne hearts of palm, Ogo and Cilantro into a bowl and toss together, and place in the center of the plate.
Arrange slices of kampachi around the salad and drizzle the dressing over the salad and the fish so that it is evenly coated and serve.

*Note: How to Julienne: First, clean the vegetable and remove any skin or blemishes. Next, using a mandolin, slice across width-wise into thin sheets and lay them in neat stacks of two or three. Then with a sharp knife, cut across the stacks to form thin strips.

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