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Remember When? Couple That Had Wedding at Hilton Waikoloa Now Up to 33 Weddings

The couple that I introduced to the Hilton Waikoloa Village on their embark to have wild and crazy weddings all over the world were featured on the home page of Yahoo today!

The couple was on the home page of Yahoo today!  (See Dolphin Quest and Hilton Waikoloa)

Congrats to Lisa and Alex who are now up to their 30th plus wedding!

I liked the fact that Yahoo featured their trip to Hawaii on their homepage!

Lisa and Alex even gave props to me in one of their posts here about their stay on the Big Island:

…Our following on twitter is growing slowly but my faith was low and I wasn’t expecting much more than a few sad faces but…the tweet was retweeted several times and picked up by several Hawaiian companies, blogs and individuals…including Damon Tucker.
Damon reports the real Big Island local news on his blog and really has his finger on the pulse with all things Hawaii and luckily he is also a close friend of the Hilton Waikoloa and Jaques who promptly sent us an email!…

When I was first introduced to them… they were only on wedding number seven or something like that.

One Response

  1. Hey Damon, thanks so much for making our Hawaii wedding possible, without your help we would never have been able to arrange something in time! And for the Hilton to throw us a wedding, that was a dream come true! Thanks for everything…and we hope that the next time we come to Hawaii we get to meet up with you and buy you a thank you beer! Xxx

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