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New Tastes and Faces for Waikoloa Grill’n Bar

Waikoloa Grill’n Bar announces the addition of two innovative new chefs to the culinary team, and introduces their fresh new all-day menu, already generating “buzz” in the restaurant formerly known as Buzz’s Sand Trap,  in Waikoloa Beach Resort.

Chefs Gabriel Rao and Helgi Olafson

Chefs Helgi Olafson and Gabriel Rao will work with seasoned restaurateur Dickie Furtado, who remains at the helm of Waikoloa Grill’n Bar, to offer diners a fresh flair for lighter, healthier menu choices, side-by-side with timeless favorites and comfort food from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily.

Helgi Olafson attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute and has followed a varied culinary career path over the last 10 years. A food judge on Fox TV’s “Master Chef 3” with Gordon Ramsay, a shipboard chef for Alaska Charters, sushi chef in Scottsdale’s Sushi Roku, Olafson also has experience with Food in Bloom, Vibrant Table Catering in Portland, Oregon and boutique restaurants on the east coast of Florida. When he’s not cooking, “Chef Helgi” is training for Ironman 2013, or enjoying the natural wonders of his Hawai‘i Island home.

Originally from Oregon, Gabriel Rao developed a strong appreciation for local ingredients, growing up on his family farm in Eagle Creek.  He attended Western Culinary Institute and cooked with many of Portland’s top chefs, such as Chef Kenny Giambolvo at Bluehour, Chef Kit Zhu at Papa Haydns.  He also opened Davis Street Tavern with Chef Gabriel Kaputska, served as Executive Chef of N.W. Natural, and established Black & White Catering Co.  Here in Hawai‘i, “Chef Gabe” shops local farmers markets personally, and incorporates local-grown fruits, vegetables, fish and beef that the Big Island has in abundance.

Signature Calamari

“The chefs’ new dishes are designed for seekers of fresh island flavors that you want to taste when you’re on vacation, because you don’t find them anywhere else,” said co-owner Dickie Furtado.  “They make a Paella with fresh caught mahimahi, clams, shrimp, garlic, Maui onion and saffron.  The Grilled Caesar Salad can be customized with choice of shrimp, chicken, blackened ahi or steak, and wait till you taste the Signature Calamari.  But not to worry, our tried and true favorites are still on the menu—the classic steak and salad meals, our Big Island meatloaf and Friday-Saturday Prime Rib Special,” he said.

“It’s exciting to see Waikoloa Grill’n Bar changing their game a bit and bringing a something ‘new to the table,’” said Waikoloa Beach Resort Vice President of Operations Scott Head.  “Waikoloa Beach Resort is proving itself as a dining destination—in addition to shopping, golf, accommodations and all the other things we have to offer.  And we’re proud to have Waikoloa Grill’n Bar as one of our resort’s fine venues.”

Open 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily, Waikoloa Grill’n Bar offers delicious island cuisine in a relaxing garden setting by Waikoloa Golf’s classic Beach Course.  Their new team of Chefs will create unique specials in addition to their all-day menu of soups, salads, appetizers, “small plates,” “big plates” and luxurious housemade desserts.  The restaurant offers daily Happy Hour 3:30-5:30 p.m., and is available for private parties.  For reservations and more information, call (808) 886-8797 or visit www.waikoloagrillnbar.com.

More information available at www.WaikoloaBeachResort.com

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