Anuhea Rocks the Hawaii Conservation Conference Community Free Event

Last Wednesday at the 2012 Hawaii Conservation Conference being held at the Hawaii Convention Center, they had a free community event where the public was invited to do many things like make a mural with world famous muralist Wyland.

The highlight of the evening was a 90 minute concert put on by Anuhea Jenkins!

Fans of all ages came out to see her play as it’s not often you get to see talent like this play for free!

Mahalo Anuhea for giving me permission “to do my thing” as you were performing.

She played almost an hour straight without taking a break and then took a quick break to make some announcements on behalf of the folks at the Conservation Conference and then continued to play about 4 more songs!

I got the opportunity to make a little youtube clip of one her songs.  I wish I would have had more then my cell phone to take the video with though!


Anuhea was very gracious and offered everyone who asked her for an autograph after her performance the chance to get one.  Here she is with Hawaii Conservation Alliance Executive Director Lihla Noori and the youngest attendee of this years conference.

Hawaii Conservation Alliance Executive Director Lihla Noori and Anuhea with the youngest attendee of the 2012 Hawaii Conservation Conference

I heard a rumor that reggae group “The Green” might be headlining next year’s conservation conference… and once again Anuhea… Mahalo for being the sweetheart that you are!

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