Senator Kahele Makes “Rookie” Mistake – “Raffle Tickets” Will Now be FREE

Senator Gilbert Kahele was nominated by Governor Abercrombie to fill a vacant Senate seat so he has never officially ran for office.

The other day I noticed that he was selling raffle tickets to his “Big Event” and one of the prizes would be an iPad amongst other things.

I didn’t know if they were legal here in Hawaii and so I asked Senator Kahele if there was a way to purchase the tickets online somehow, and if the winners had to be present to win.

I then shared this on my Facebook site… Even though I wanted to win the iPad.  Someone commented that “raffles” were illegal in Hawaii.

Senator Kahele did some research and yep… it turns out he made a “Rookie Mistake” as he stated that now the tickets will be given away for free.

Here is the link that Senator Kahele found by himself and has now corrected the situation before his Big Event has even happened: Are raffles legal in Hawaii and this is what it says about them.

Are raffles legal in Hawaii?

No. Raffles are not legal if you must purchase tickets to participate – CONSIDERATION. It is random CHANCE which numbers are called. If your number is called, you receive something of value or REWARD.

Games where tickets are given out to everyone without them having to pay and the organizer receives no type of CONSIDERATION are legal, e.g., games promoted by businesses where you can win something and no purchase is necessary.

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