NAVY Releases Information on Sailor That Fell Off the USS Essex During RIMPAC Training

On Wednesday I got to go out to the Military Transport Ship the USS Essex during some of the 2012 RIMPAC exercises and I mentioned that a sailor had fallen off the ship and was injured.

A flare marks where the sailor fell in

Well I’ve been watching the news reports and statements from the US Navy and it’s been like they have been completely mum on the incident.

Today I sent the following email off to the folks at RIMPAC:

On Wednesday, July 18th, I was invited aboard the USS Essex while it was based off of the Big Island of Hawaii.  I happened to witness part of the rescue and was literally about 200 feet away from where the Sailor fell over board, although I myself didn’t see him fall over… I immediately saw the sailors react to the situation and I’m glad they eventually were able to find the guy out in the ocean.

When he was brought back to the ship… he was tied down to a gurney and obviously was injured.  I have written briefly about the incident on my website here:

I was wondering what the official statement from the NAVY is on this incident and if possible… the name and rank of the sailor that did fall overboard and what his current medical condition is.

Damon Tucker

I got the following response from the NAVY today:

On July 18 a US service member was successfully rescued within minutes after falling overboard from USS ESSEX. Crew witnessed the service member fall overboard and responded immediately according to established procedures. The servicemember was recovered aboard a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) by a rescue swimmer, returned to ESSEX and was treated for a minor injury by ship’s medical personnel.

Due to privacy considerations, we are not disclosing identifying information of the service member.

-CDR Charlie Brown, US Navy
RIMPAC spokesperson

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