Model Sailboat on Journey to Hawaii Hit by Oil Tanker

This 7 foot model sailboat:


Was hit by this oil tanker:

Sirius Voyager Oil Tanker

…Rowe looked overboard and saw the Kanaloa, with its orca-inspired black-and-white paint job, drifting slowly among the Piper Inness, the Sirius Voyager and another oil tanker, the 1,000-foot-long Antares Voyager, which was transferring fuel to the Sirius.

“There she was moving along at about a knot or so on her course south-southwest,” Rowe said.

He and his crew pulled the sailboat aboard and saw “she had some damage; something had hit her,” Rowe said…

Full story here: Model boat back with ROP after encounters with oil tander

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