Model Sailboat on Journey to Hawaii Hit by Oil Tanker

This 7 foot model sailboat:


Was hit by this oil tanker:

Sirius Voyager Oil Tanker

…Rowe looked overboard and saw the Kanaloa, with its orca-inspired black-and-white paint job, drifting slowly among the Piper Inness, the Sirius Voyager and another oil tanker, the 1,000-foot-long Antares Voyager, which was transferring fuel to the Sirius.

“There she was moving along at about a knot or so on her course south-southwest,” Rowe said.

He and his crew pulled the sailboat aboard and saw “she had some damage; something had hit her,” Rowe said…

Full story here: Model boat back with ROP after encounters with oil tander

Nuclear Irradiator for Agriculture Being Built on Oahu

A facility that will use nuclear radiation to kill insects found on agricultural produce has broken ground at a location selected to minimize danger to local citizens.

The irradiator will treat fruits and vegetables for fruit flies. It now is being built at an agricultural research center in Kunia, a central Oahu location that is considered safe from earthquakes and is far from Honolulu, its airport and the ocean.

The nonprofit environmental law firm Earthjustice, representing the community group Concerned Citizens of Honolulu, challenged the site originally proposed for Honolulu International Airport less than eight feet above sea level.

Potential threats included tsunami, storm surge, hurricanes, earthquakes, airplane accidents, deliberate airplane strikes, and the proximity of the site to highly populated downtown Honolulu and to tempting terrorist targets, such as the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.

These events could cause significant releases of radioactive material from the irradiator, threatening public health and safety and the environment, Concerned Citizens alleged.

Pa’ina Hawaii, LLC, a fruit company, plans to irradiate produce for export using the radioactive material cobalt-60.

Pa’ina is building its food irradiator far from Honolulu because Earthjustice attorney David Henkin convinced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the site originally proposed violated the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires examination of reasonable alternatives.

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