When is the Best Time to Visit the Big Island? Average Temperatures for Hilo

A lot of folks want to know what the weather is like in Hilo and many of my mainland friends that come to visit the Big Island ask me when is the best time to come visit, so I’m posting the following information that was acquired from RSSWeather.Com

Average Temperatures for Hilo

Average Temperature for Hilo, Hawaii

Month Low High
Jan 63.6°F 79.2°F
Feb 63.5°F 79.4°F
Mar 64.7°F 79.2°F
Apr 65.6°F 79.3°F
May 66.7°F 80.6°F
Jun 68.0°F 82.2°F
Jul 69.2°F 82.5°F
Aug 69.4°F 83.2°F
Sept 69.0°F 83.4°F
Oct 68.5°F 82.7°F
Nov 67.2°F 80.7°F
Dec 64.9°F 79.5°F

Hilo’s coldest month is February when the average temperature overnight is 63.5°F. In September, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 83.4°F.

Average Rainfall for Hilo

Average Rainfall for Hilo, Hawaii

Month Precipitation
Jan 9.74in.
Feb 8.86in.
Mar 14.35in.
Apr 12.54in.
May 8.07in.
Jun 7.36in.
Jul 10.71in.
Aug 9.78in.
Sept 9.14in.
Oct 9.64in.
Nov 15.58in.
Dec 10.50in.

The driest month in Hilo is June with 7.36 inches of precipitation, and with 15.58 inches November is the wettest month.

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