2012 Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival

The 2012 Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival is coming up in July:

The 23rd Annual Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival (BIHMF) is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday, July 14 & 15, 2012, with twelve hours of entertainment from Noon to 6:00pm both days at the Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium.  The primary goal of this event is to honor and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture.  The BIHMF features all forms of Hawaiian music including Slack Key Guitar, Steel Guitar, Ukulele and Falsetto with Hula, while providing a unique & authentic experience that honors & perpetuates Hawaii’s culture.

On Hawai`i Island, we are blessed with the best Hawaiian musicians in the world, including Slack Key Guitar, Steel Guitar, Ukulele and Falsetto.  This year’s theme will be “Hawai`i Island Hawaiian Musicians”.

Building on last year’s success, we are planning our biggest and best music festival ever.  The addition of Hula to our music festival the last two years really completed our showcase of the Hawaiian.  Hula Halaus like Kahikilaulani really added excitement to our festival.  But unlike the Merrie Monarch Festival, we feature the musicians who are rarely seen on TV at the Merrie Monarch.

In our effort to attract international visitors last year we established the “Japan Connection”.  Last year, The BIHMF was featured in a centerfold article of the September 2010 “Hawaii Fan” Magazine, the largest Hawaiian music magazine in Japan, with a distribution of 100,000.  The article, written in Japanese, pointed out that our festival has “real” and “authentic” Hawaiian music as opposed to the “Japanese Hawaiian” music in Japan.  The names of all of our performers were also included in the article, promoting them and our festival in Japan.  Also last year, we tried to arrange a group from Japan to come to our festival and we had six people signed up, until the earthquake.  They were all from the Sendai area and had to cancel.

This past year, the BIHMF was featured three times in centerfold articles of the Hawaiian Fan magazine, in their September 2011, October 2011 and November 2011 issues.  Again, the articles pointed out that our BIHMF is a “real” and “authentic” Hawaiian music festival.  We feel that this is important because of the strong support that already exists for Hula in Japan and these articles may help inspire many Japanese to come to our festival next year.

This year we received a full page ad on the HFM Back page on both the January and February 2012 issues of HFM.  In February they also advertised a to arrange for a group from Japan to come to our festival for a Music Tour and we are exploring the possibility of inviting Japanese musicians who play Hawaiian music at our festival.

Again, this year we will continue to focus on Environmental Sustainability by increasing recycling efforts, minimizing waste, using recycled products, providing transportation alternatives and conserving water and supporting alternate forms of transportation to the event.

Tickets are available at East Hawaii Culture Center and Big Island Hawaiian Music Festival.

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