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Hawaii County Police Part of Investigation on “Jamaican Lottery Scam”

According to The Day, a lady out of Connecticut was recently arrested on several charges related to her alleged participation in a “Jamaican lottery” scam.

What interested me, is that the Hawaii County Police Department was also involved in the investigation.  Anyone get any calls from Jamaican Lottery Officials recently?

…Waterford police did not give further details about the alleged crime, but Internet reports about Jamaican lottery scams indicate the problem is widespread. Perpetrators in such scams call people, generally elderly, and tell them they’ve won the lottery but must first pay taxes and fees. The perpetrators then try to acquire the victims’ personal information, like a credit card or bank account number.

Police said the arrest capped an investigation that included the Hartford police department, the County of Hawaii police department, the New London County State’s Attorney’s Office and the United States Marshalls’ Service…

Full story here: Police Arrest Waterford woman for alleged role in “Jamaican Lottery” Scam

One Response

  1. My aunt got a phone call from a man with a Jamaican accent last week. She ignored it and got another phone call from him yesterday. She finally gave time to listen to him. He mentioned to her that she won $2,500,000 and a white Mercedes car. He said they picked her house number randomly and was trying to get a hold of her to get her name. My aunt at first didn’t believe him. He was good in being persuasive that he said that he had proof. He had the letter and the check ready for her and that he could fax her a copy. It was signed and everything. My aunt didn’t get the check until today and I was thinking it probably took the. A day to make it as they added her name on it. It was too good to be true. He said she needed to pay a fee of $2,500 for the Mercedes car to be sent to Hawaii. And she also needed to pay tax for her check in order to receive it. I knew right away that it was a scam. He said this winning was from “America mega million”. I went online to search for this organization and I came up with nothing. There was a website called, “American mega million” but it had nothing to do with what he was talking about. His number started with an area code (876). When we tried calling back we couldn’t get a hold of him at all. The man called back today and my fiancee answered. He demanded to talk to my aunt and my fiancée told him off. The man started to stutter and he didn’t sound professional anymore. My fiancée told him to stop calling and that we was bothersome. The man hung up after. I learned that my father’s friend was also a victim and lost $1000. To me, that is still a lot of money. I hope that I could get word out to the people of Hawaii. I hope they become aware of all these different kinds of scams out there and not be another victim of fraud.

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