Commentary: Council Candidate Ilagan – “The Big Picture”

Greggor Ilagan – “The Big Picture”

In unity there is strength, and in unity there are also solutions. That is why as your council member an important action I plan to take is to start bringing people together. Each private subdivision has its challenges. I am open to listen to each one of them. That is the first step to seeing the big picture, as well as finding all the pieces.

I will set up regular meetings to invite subdivision members to share concerns and solutions. The meetings should accomplish a number of things. The boards will be aware of each other’s concerns and the solutions they have come up with. Other benefits could include combined purchasing power to lower cost and shared experienced with the quality of service providers.

Being part of a cohesive community not only increases the effectiveness in operations but also improves the quality of life for everyone involved. To focus on the big picture, as your council member I will not only be your representative in the county government but also an active advocate at the state and national level.

Greggor Ilagan

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