Poll – Hawaii County Prosecutor Race

Well this years Hawaii County elections feature a race for the position of Hawaii County Prosecutor.

Mitch Roth and Lincoln Ashida share a table at the recent Pahoa “Rock the Vote” event.

From what I can see, the two front runners are Mitch Roth and Lincoln Ashida although Ocean View resident, lawyer Paul Dolan, has also filed to run for the position.

If the election was held today… who would you vote for?

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4 Responses

  1. I believe Mitch Roth has the edge when it comes to knowledge of the law and his work as a prosecutor. He is current, relevant, and innovative. The work he is doing currently and the lives he has positively affected on the Big Island speaks to his character. Mitch is not a politician, what he is is someone who truly cares about the Big Island community and someone who has the knowledge and experience to make this is an even better place to live than it already is.

  2. It’s sad that people have to attack the person and not address the “issues” civilly and maturely. If my memory is correct attorney David Minkin was appointed by the court to represent the county not Lincoln Ashida. With that said Lincoln Ashida and Mitch Roth are two men who care very much about our community, but my vote is with Lincoln Ashida because he has more trial experience of the two and has had to make some tough decisions as county lawyer. Good luck to all candidates running.

    • Well said! Yes people let’s keep your comments constructive and intelligent please! You only come across as ignorant if you are verbally abusive and succeed only in making yourself look foolish. Stick to presenting your facts. Yes, both are good men but Mr. Ashida definitely has the edge when it comes to trial experience and his knowledge of the law.

  3. Ashida is clueless. He couldn’t find his ass with both hands if you gave him a flashlight and a two-week head start. Remember the HPD Promotion Scandal and Carvahlo Lawsuit?

    Ashida [regarding the offer of a “settlement” involving tens of thousands]: DON’T Settle.

    His stupidity ended up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Carvahlo was corrupt. So were his cronies. Ashide chose to go “all in” to support them. It cost Hawaii County.

    Good luck with that, Lincoln. This is part of who you are and your legacy.

    Mitch Roth?

    You da’ man. Perfect blend of intellect *and* … uh, “nutsack.”

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