Honolulu Rail – One Down… Two-Hundred to Go

I recently had the opportunity to share a Go!Airlines flight with community organizer, musician and founder of the Men of Pa’a, Iopa “Bruddah Kuz” Maunakea, a few weeks ago and I asked him what he was doing over on Oahu.

Bruddah Kuz

He told me that he was “working on the rail… the Honolulu Rail”.

Well the other day he posted the following picture on Facebook and I asked him I could post this here on my site because I understand the importance of what this actually represents:

Honolulu Rail Column 65 (Copyright Iopa Maunakea use with permission only)

“Bruddah Kuz” stated on his Facebook page, “Strip the forms on column 65. One down and two hundred more to go…pretty impressive the view going be awesome….”

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