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Dog the Bounty Hunter Answers Questions About the Cancellation of His A&E Show

Recently Arts & Entertainment (A&E) decided to drop one of it’s longest running shows, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Mayor Billy Kenoi and Beth and Duane Chapman meet up at the Hilo Airport

The folks that handle the publicity for both Duane and Beth Chapman released the following question and answers regarding the cancellation of the show and what is up and coming for the Chapman’s.

Dog and his wife Beth, Courtesy of A&E Television Network

1) Was the show cancelled because of members leaving the team ?


2) How is the Family?

The family is doing well. The drama was last year and things are much better

3) Is Dog retiring ?

No, not a chance.

4) Does the family still Bounty Hunt with out A&E filming?

Yes, they still do frequently

5) Has Dog signed with another network ?

Nothing to announce there

6) Are Dog and Beth okay?

Dog and Beth are both doing well and enjoying time with their kids.

7) Would the Chapmans have done Season 9?

Yes, they were looking forward to letting fans know things have changed and relationships are healing

8) Does Leland speak with them?

Yes, things are fine between them.

9) When do the new seasons play outside North America?

Please ask your local network

10) Are fans speaking out about the cancellation by A&E?

Yes there is a petition at https://www.change.org/petitions/a-e-television-network-bring-back-dog-the-bounty-hunter?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition and a Fan page with ideas at www.dogsupporter.wordpress.com

11) Did the Chapmans quit the show ?

No, the network chose to end negotiations and walk away.

12) Where can I see Dog and Beth in person ?

All events are listed at http://www.dogthebountyhunter.com/FanClub/Events.aspx

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  1. What happen to lisa an tim on your show

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