Congressional Candidate Marx Calls Out Hannemann for Missing Debates

Bob Marx, a small business owner in Hilo and candidate for Hawaiʻi’s Second Congressional District attended a debate on Maui sponsored by the Sierra Club and Akaku Cable.

“Actually living in the district has given me a perspective that my opponents simply don’t have.”

Fellow candidates Esther Kia’aina and Tulsi Gabbard were present, but Mufi Hannemann was again absent. This marks the second public forum that Hannemann has missed. During the debate, participants responded to questions ranging from their stance on the economic crisis affecting America to how they would best fill the position synonymous with former Second District congresswoman Patsy Mink.

Marx noted that “this race keeps getting painted as a two way race between Gabbard and [Hannemann]…but he doesn’t show up for debates, and she just tells people what they want to hear.” During the debate, Marx passionately responded to questions involving the state of the economy and the process of economic recovery. “We need to re-evaluate the way we manage our budgets,” Marx said. “First we need to cut waste, then we need to establish strict oversight to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Only then can we adopt incentive programs to spur growth.”

As a supporter of local farming and agriculture, Marx is an adamant supporter of providing small farms with low-interest loans and appropriate funds for disaster relief. Unlike Gabbard and Hannemann, Marx has been a thirty year resident of the second district. “Actually living in the district has given me a perspective that my opponents simply don’t have.”

Despite his candidates receiving endorsements and contributions from a myriad of groups, Marx responded: “It doesn’t matter who or what gives them money—I am running because I am sick of exactly the type of politics they are participating in. Will their endorsements and resources change the fact that they are beholden to the interests that provide them? [I] don’t think so.”

Marx will be attending the North Hawaiʻi Candidate Forum at Waimea School Thursday evening at 5pm, along with other candidates Rafael Del Castillo, Tulsi Gabbard, Mufi Hannemann, and Esther Kia’aina.

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