Former Blogger Aaron Stene Blasts Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim

Former Kona blogger Aaron Stene sent me the following commentary on his thoughts regarding Harry Kim entering the Mayoral race:

Harry Kim’s last minute entrance into the 2012 Hawaii County Mayor race was very disappointing. I wasn’t impressed by his eight year tenure as Mayor from 2000 until 2008. He dramatically increased the size of county government during this time. The county budget doubled over eight years. In addition, 442 additional employees were added.

Mr. Kim’s administration also tried execute poorly vetted proposals and directives. The Department of Public Works’s public information officer attempted to enforce a directive, which would’ve blackballed me and two other people from directly communicating with public works employees. I regularly e-mailed the Department of Public Works, so I  could  keep tabs on  roadway projects. However, these individuals likely found my inquiries intrusive and irritating. They concocted this directive in response.

This directive was the tip of the iceberg. His administration also advocated the construction of an ill  advised waste to energy plant in Hilo near DHHL homesteads during the latter half of his term.

The lack of managerial supervision also plagued certain departments, such as DPW during Mr. Kim’s administration. The HMP Inc. tack coat procurement scandal likely would’ve never happened if there was stronger oversight in place.

These frequent blunders marred his eight year term, so I strongly doubt Harry Kim is up to the task of leading Hawaii County for another four years.

Aaron Stene

Here is a copy of that memo that was sent out to folks in Hawaii County Government blackballing not only Aaron… but ME by Harry Kim’s Department of Public Works Director Noelani Whittington!

Policy for procedures for Citizen Journalists

Avoid a citizen journalist?

Citizen journalists are a new breed of bloggers who use the internet to express their opinions about DPW projects.  They are not journalists.  They write what they think

Blogging reaches 120 million viewers daily.

These individuals are Aaron Stene and Damon Tucker. Their e-mail addresses are aaronstene@****** or damontucker@ ******

Their blogs are: Kona blog, Poinography, Puna Web, and Hawaii Blog

How do we identify them?

They contact us by e-mail using their e-mail addresses. Rarely do they call us.

They never identify or consider themselves as a “citizen journalist.”

Procedure to handle a Citizen Journalist

  1. 1.      Stop. Do not give out information.
  2. Refer their e-mail inquiries to the Public Information office.
  3. Insert this message, “please contact our public information office at 557-6437 or by e-mail at”

They will ask for information about:

  • Palani Road—why the delays?  Mamalahoa by-pass-the Coupe case, opening the entire by-pass, Grace Church moving the utility poles and why the delay?
  • Traffic in Puna, anything about Puna and DPW……….

 Issued: November 16, 2008

2 Responses

  1. I’ve worked in both administrations, though no longer work there, and trust me when I say this…you do NOT want Harry Kim back in office. If you want a backwards thinker that will bloat government again, then put him back in the office. Let’s just say this…county employees are voting for Harry because they all want “to go back to the time when our pockets were fat.”

  2. Apparently their road block tactics have not phased you. I still read your stories and notice them same stories in the Trib a day or two later. The Trib just got 5 awards for journalism. It appears that spelling, facts and the need to actually have a continuation when a front page story says, “continued on A5” are not part of the requirement for these awards. There was even an award given for the Dana Ireland story that was done ahead of time so the holidays could be spent doing no journalism?! I love your blog and applaud your efforts to keep us informed. I have yet to see a spelling error in your posts.

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