The 14th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival – Pictures From the Day

I took the following pictures today of the 14th Annual Lantern Floating Hawaii Festival held at Ala Moana Beach Park later on this evening.

Setting up the one of the stages

Unfortunately I had to catch a plane and wasn’t able to stick around for the festival but I was able to capture the following images.

The Taiko drums being set-up

One of the local news stations reported that more than 40,000 people showed up and I can believe as the line up to build a lantern was nearly a half mile long at one point in the day!

People lined up to build a Floating Lantern

I’m not a person that is big on crowds so I was certainly glad they allowed me to come into the tents to watch the lantern building w/out having to wait in the long lines!

I had to leave to catch a plane… but as I was leaving I noticed these paddlers that were practicing bringing lanterns out to sea.

I was in the airport and on the plane when the actual festival took place so unfortunately… or fortunately, I feel lucky enough to be allowed to take the pictures I did get.

Here is part of the brochure that was being handed out by volunteers:

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  1. Thank you Damon, I wish you could have been there for the actual floating. My daughter, grandaughter & I were there from Ohio. Even my 5yr old grandaughter felt the solomness of the occasion. The event people are very ecologically consciencious…no lantern or parts make it out to sea.

  2. Amazing. Turtles, dolphins, whales and fish will eat plastic bags that somehow wander into the ocean and this is OK.

    • The lanterns are brought back in after they are taken out to sea… and they are cleaned up and recycled for the next year.

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