Big Island Film Festival – Day 2 Highlights

Yesterday was the second day of the 7th Annual Big Island Film Festival and the day started off with an orientation and introduction to the filmmakers by Festival Director Leo Sears and Big Island Film Office’s John Mason.

Leo Sears and John Mason

Then at 10:00 at the Fairmont Orchid’s Amphitheater, the daytime movies began with the movies “Byte-Sized”, “Dancing Freak”, “Hi Honey”, and “Subjective Expression” being shown to a crowd of about 100 folks.

After the movies played, audience members had a chance to listen to the film makers and ask questions about their individual films.

At 1:00 the second set of daytime films began and they included “Viewer Discretion Advised”, “Just Like Her”, “Children of the Air”, “Incest: The Musical”, and “Todd & the Book of Pure Evil:  See You Later”.

Then at 5:00 there was a new event this year called the “Meet the Stars” event where folks got meet and greet all the stars and celebrity guests that were in attendance while feasting on prime rib among other things!

Then there were evening family films that were held at The Shops at Mauna Lani – “Ad & Subtract”, “Mr. Babobo” “Flat” and “The Italian Key”.

The Festival Films that were shown at the Plantation Estate section of the Fairmont Orchid where I estimate that over 200 folks enjoyed the movies.

Film Director Leo Sears and the Producers of “Pork”.

The movies that played at the Plantation Estate were “Pork”, “Cadever”, “French Immersion” Blind”, “The Darkest Game” and “QWERTY”.

The festival continues for the next few days and you can pick up individual tickets to the films at the Fairmont Orchid.

You can click on the pictures below for larger images.

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