A Spa Without Walls at the Fairmont Orchid

Yesterday I had the opportunity to check out the spa at the Fairmont Orchid and it’s name seems a bit strange until you see the place where the massages are given.

It’s called “A Spa Without Walls” and it’s located downstairs of the main building at the Fairmont.

There is a waiting room that is stocked with things to pamper yourself with and then when it’s your time to get a massage, they lead you outside to this little courtyard of open-aired bungalows where the masseuse do their magic.

There was about a dozen little huts that I could see and many folks were getting massages so I couldn’t really check out the all the individual huts personally.

One of the things about this spa that makes things so relaxing… is the waterfalls and creeks that surround the area.

I myself didn’t get a massage, however, I was offered a foot massage but I was running late to some other things I was doing at the Big Island Film Festival.

Now that I think about it… I wish I would have taken then up on their offer!

Who knows… maybe today I’ll get another opportunity… (Hint! Hint! Fairmont Orchid)

For the last couple days now… I’ve been watching folks leave the back entrance wrapped up in a bath robe looking super relaxed.

I’m not someone who is normally into massages and spa treatments… but this place is making me have second thoughts!

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