Miloli’i 2012 Lawai’a ‘Ohana Camp – Preserving Our Precious Resources

Pa’a Pono Miloli’i in conjunction with Conservation International and the Hawai’i Fish Trust are announcing the 2012 Miloli’i Lawai’a ‘Ohana Camp to be held at the Miloli’i Beach Park in South Kona.

Located at the end of the five mile road from Highway 11, the Miloli’i Park is the gathering place for the fishing village. It plays host for all people, a place for community members to relax, have get-togethers, community meetings, and attend Sunday mass at the Hau’oli Kamana’o church. This year the camp will use the entire park and Miloli’i Bay as it venue.

Participants will camp in the front of the park and activities, camp meetings and meals will be housed under the community halau. The park also has public restrooms and a basketball court for outdoor activities. Drinkable water will be delivered for participants to shower and use for cooking food. The park is a perfect host as it is a centralized point for all people. The dates of this year’s camp will be held on Wednesday June 27, 2012 thru June 30th 2012. The camp will commence at 8:30 am with opening traditional Hawaiian protocol. This year we will be seeking to have a special oli created for the haumana to use and learn for Miloli’i. The camp will be for three nights and four days and will conclude on June 30, 2012 at around 12 pm with a traditional Hawaiian closing protocol.

This year the camp coordinators are Kaimi Kaupiko and Lei Kaupu. Kaimi and Lei along with other members of the Miloli’i community decided to focus on three species which they feel are paramount to preserving Milolii’s precious resources. The three species they chose were due to the noticeable decline of these resources over the past few years. As a community and cultural practitioners this years camp goal is to continue the traditional ways of taking care and preserving the little we do have in Miloli’i and on the South Kona Coastline. We believe strongly in its restoration and preservation for all to enjoy.

The three species are:

  • Pakukui
  • ‘Opihi
  • Limu

First, the Pakukui is a favorite reef fish among all villagers. This year the camp will study, learn and embrace everything they can in regards to the Pakukui. The second species is the Opihi, the students will learn the insides and outsides of the Opihi and hopeful are able to make an opihi necklace. Finally, the children of the camp will learn the different limu’s Miloli’i has and our goal is to have a limu restoration project and help repopulate the limu in Miloli’i.

Other major activities that will be held this year is; biological fish monitoring project, mo’olelo stories of our three species, hula, fish alkaline pond restoration, hike to Honomalino bay, cross net demonstration, and a community lua’au for everyone. This year the students will create digital workbooks as part of their Lawai’a Kit for all participants. The students will create digital presentations to present at the Luau and also to take home to their families. We will be using technology throughout the camp and will take pictures and make videos.

This years confirmed Guest Presenters will be:

  • John Kahiapo: (DLNR Aquatic Resources Division) Rules and Regulations June 27th 10:30AM
  • Chantal Chung: (Sea Grant, UH) Limu and Fish Anatomy June 28th 8:00AM to 10:00AM
  • Shafton Kaupu-Cabuag: ‘Oli and Hula
  • Piki Hayward: ‘Olelo and Mo’olelo
  • Kehau Springer: ‘Opihi Presentation
  • Healani Cahill: ‘Opihi Project, Mo’olelo and Basket Weaving
  • Erica Perez and Cindi Punihaole: The Kohala Center

For more information on this years Miloli’i Lawai’a Camp please contact: Kaimi Kaupiko: (808)- 937-1310 or Lei Kaupu:

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