State of Hawaii Office of Information Management and Technology Department Seeks the Publics Input

The State of Hawaii Office of Information Management and Technology department is seeking feedback and ideas to help shape the State of Hawaii’s Technology Transformation Strategy.

Click here to participate. Comments will be taken through Friday, June 1, 2012. Feedback will be considered by OIMT and incorporated in the final version of the Business and IT Transformation Strategic Plan that will be published in July.

The major focus areas of the strategy include:

  • Governance and Management Methodologies – The life-cycle management of processes and policies that guide the management and oversight of the state’s portfolio of business transformation and IT investments, acquisitions, and projects, including system development, business process re-engineering, and infrastructure improvements.
  • Business and IT/Information Resources Management (IRM) Transformation Strategic Plan – The Business and IT/IRM Transformation Strategic Plan documents the mission, vision, goals, strategies objectives, and performance measures of the transformation effort, as well as specific prioritized projects and initiatives that will be launched over the next 10 years.
  • Enterprise Architecture – The blueprint for change that provides the framework for the design and development of IT systems, applications, business information, and processes to best support the goals and missions of the various departments’ line of business. This also describes the details relative to ongoing and planned investments and projects that will address the transition between from state’s current information technology environment to the future vision and the sequence that projects should be implemented over the next eight to ten years.
  • Projects – An overview of the business process reengineering and IT/IRM projects that have been completed, are currently being implemented, or planned.

Members of the public will be able to review the various focus areas of the transformation initiative, as well as provide their comment and feedback through a web-enabled citizen engagement tool at the Office of Information Management and Technology’s website (

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